First of all hope everyone is well and coping with the lock down.

Katie is over from the USA and decided to sit things out here rather than try to get back home as direct flights to Charlotte are cancelled and it means a 6 hour delay in Boston.. We managed Cruffs  before the lockdown and I thought there would plenty of time on my hands, how wrong I was. After all the rain early in the year it was catch up time at the allotment, coffee breaks are more frequent now. The lady who manages our allotment shop would not open the shop, I stepped in and do a click and collect for plot holders. They send me their orders by Thursday each week, I tell them the cost so no change is needed. The orders are put ready and labelled Friday mornings, Saturday afternoon I sit by the shop and tell members where their orders are and they drop the money in a tin. Then Saturday night the paper work has to be done.

Things are growing on the plot, looking doubtful for any shows , but taking extra care just in case

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  1. gertie says:

    Well that sounds excellent Tony … bravo. I wondered how you were and now I see … Now we have a little more rain again for just this week maybe it will help you a bit.
    It’s lovely to have you pop in. Good luck with the crops, especially those prize onions, and stay in touch as much as you can cos we miss your input here, well I do for sure.
    Good luck with it all :good: :rose:

  2. cilla says:

    You must be physcic Tony as I was also wondering how you were. It must be nice having a lottie and being able to see people to chat to. Stay safe and keep n touch. :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    Afternoon Tony, and great to hear from you. I’m sure your son was relieved that Katie decided to stay, a 6 hour stopover and then a second flight would have been very unwise. You have been busy! And why does it not surprise me one wee bit that you have stepped in to “man” your allotment shop, you’re a star Tony. :good: Sounds like your plot is coming on extremely well, as usual and fingers crossed a few of the later shows might happen for you, so good luck with that.
    Stay safe all of you and thanks for the catch up. :clover: :rose:

  4. Love to hear from you Tony, glad your ok
    Great job on stepping up to help your fellow allotmenteers.
    We’ve had rain all day, first decent rain in April, so hoping everything will start to grow.

  5. Really pleased to hear from you, Tony and that you have family around to keep you company. Good work on the shop and lottie! Glad you could sort all that out but I’m not surprised. Hope you and all your allotment friends are doing well. Take care :rose:

  6. Yewbarrow says:

    Great Tony, you’re doing a good job for plot holders and pleased for you that you have family staying too

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