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Thought it would be easier to put some pics in a little blog to show how hard I’ve been working! Finished clearing the lane of the jungle of grass a couple of days ago. OH did the digging and I did getting the hardcore out of the roots – luckily the weather has been dry and the pebbles knocked out easily enough. This is the turning area for us and any delivery drivers.

Clean lane

The borage and rye grass I showed in a click the other day grows just outside the gate on the left.

Borage and rye grass

Yesterday I put out 2 of the 3 courgettes I have for the coldframe and at the back of the coldframe are 3 Gardeners’ Delights, one Amish and one San Marzano tomato plants. The courgette for the middle spot is too small yet.

Courgettes and toms

In what I call my ‘second’ greenhouse (don’t forget, both are half-size!) I’ve got 4 cucumber plants, some bush tomatoes and one Gardeners’ Delight. I’ve previously grown cucs in small raised beds the same as my tomato plant but decided to try these deeper plastic pots in the hope of improved yields.

Cukes and toms

The next photo is of the Gardeners’ Delight plants in the main greenhouse, taken on 2nd May and of course the plants have got a bit bigger by now.

Main greenhouse for tomatoes

Not sure what I’ll be doing today apart from potting up a spare courgette for my neighbour. I might go butterfly spotting. This is one from yesterday.

Orange tip on chives

Have a lovely day, everyone!


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  1. gertie says:

    Well Jane, that all looks very well organised and with lots of happy plants waiting to give you tasty eating later this year…so lovely to have those greenhouse spaces. You have to work hard on keeping your lane clear too don’t you…Is it actually yours or one of those unclaimed areas that the council are not responsible for maintaining, like the ‘road’ that gives access to our son’s property and adjacent ones?
    I am impressed by your butterfly spotting too…so far have seen only a little Holly Blue moth a few times. :fingers-crossed: for more.

    • Thanks, Anne :-) Yes, the lane takes some work! It belongs to the farmer but our house has sole right of way (i.e. there is no pubic right of way). The farmer doesn’t use it as he has a different entrance to the field. The gate/entrance at the end of the lane isn’t wide enough these days for the size of the tractors they use. Some people think they can just take a walk around the field but I challenge anyone I catch sight of and don’t usually have to tell anyone more than once ;-)

  2. VegVamp says:

    Evening Jane, fab-u-lous! You have been working hard and it all looks wonderful. I like your tomato planting inside your greenhouse, did you make up boxes and then line them? Very efficient looking. :good: And the lane looks very smart. :-) Thank you for posting this I really enjoyed looking round your veg garden, it’s all a credit to you. :good:

    • Thanks, Karen :-) Yep – well, OH made them and I line them with weed suppressant just to keep the compost in ;-) The roots go through the gravel, so I don’t worry so much about the depth of the compost – some years I have more than others :nailbiting: The greenhouses are against the neighbours’ fence, as you know, and originally there was a horrid privet hedge there – better use of space now :lol:

  3. Looking very organised, Jane. You should have a good crop this year.

  4. Allan says:

    Looking good Jane, Well on top of it, :good:

  5. cilla says:

    I can see your photos on my tablet today and everything looks really neat and organised. I am very impressed with the lane especially. Great on the orange tip, they are so quick.

  6. dixon says:

    Remember reversing the wizz into that space jane.

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