Favourite GG Views in Spring.

Favourite GG Views in Spring.

I so enjoy having a garden, that Allan’s latest photo topic* had me looking at GG with even more vigour than usual. I realised that to find a favourite corner, or even four favoured ones, was completely impossible, as I made a folder of my best views. So far my folder holds 60 views and they change through the seasons, and the weather, and my mood, and my expectations. Capturing the required perception of each view via my dodgy camera-work is another challenge, but it has inspired me to pay homage to that little garden, with its three ‘rooms’ and so I am recording this for Spring, 2020.

There are separate records for all the beautiful Spring Tulips of this year, 2020.

The Front Room.

The place to go to in the front room is The Arbour. There, I can sit, cocooned in vanilla-fragrant tresses of a Clematis Montana, and peer out to see the street if I wish. Before me is the raised bed, filled, in early Spring, with tulips and later, with climbing Beans.

From my seat I can lean out, look right and see the sun shining on the Blue Hill through and beyond the Inglenook. The Inglenook gives a cosy, shaded place under the trees, to sit in a deck chair on a sunny afternoon…..

Blue Hill.

… then it’s over the top of Blue Hill and down around the path at the bottom.

Blue Hill had Bluebells, Myosotis and Campanula to keep it bluer in March and April; also Grape Hyacinths and deep indigo Columbines.  :-)

The little Bird house, given to me by a close friend who made it, had a surprise visit, for the third year from our friendly pair of Collared Doves.

Going back along the path around the base of Blue Hill, past Tiny Pond on the left, hidden by Bluebells and deep red Heuchera leaves …..

….. I can go through the first archway into the sunny …

‘Back Room’.

The first archway is decked with roses.

In that room there were early Irises and new Clematis blossoms.

I loved the way in which the yellow roses arched over and hung down gracefully.

From along the pathway I could look over to the dark Inglenook, before passing by the first Peace Rose of the Spring .….

… but always after I have seen Blue Hill, the blue pots from Jann and Judith, that originally gave it its name, now hidden underneath a riot of different leaves and flowers all rushing in, with the stone geese and cats poised on the hilltop underneath the ever-towering Blue Fir Tree.

Peace. :-)

That was a brief visit to Gertie’s Garden through April and May. I wonder what Summer will bring after all those jewels of Spring.

Anne ….. Spring,  2020.

*Photo competition on Gardenclickers.


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  1. What a lovely walk around, Anne :good: I’ll have a closer look tomorrow morning as I’m signing off now :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane … have a lovely evening :-) :rose:

  3. A lovely walk around, and some beautiful blooms, all that love and attention is paying dividends.

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Lynn … both ways I hope. I am sure it keeps me on the right side of sane ;-) Remember to have a lovely evening too :good: :rose:

  5. VegVamp says:

    A delightful visit to your lovely garden Anne. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed that, it is a credit to you. :rose: :clover:

  6. cilla says:

    I’m sure it was a delightful visit Anne but I have to imagine the photos until they reappear on my tablet :confused:

  7. mick1970 says:

    Very inspirational gardening love it Anne

  8. cilla says:

    At last I can walk round your garden Anne and it is so my kind of garden. It is so full of so many different plants, I love it and it must give you so much pleasure while confined (3 so’s…can’t be good grammar!!!). Thank you for that tour, I look forward to the summer blooms.

    • gertie says:

      Thank you Cilla … and who do you think I am learning from ALL the TIME .. it’s. thanks to you :-) I have learnt , for example, that I must ruthlessly collect ALL the Maureen Bandylegs seeds [to avoid leaving the brown branches and hoping!!] and replant each Spring, which I shall do for next season. I am indulging in allowing in wild flowers from next door’s unkempt plot to give that ‘woodland ‘feel to the place [I so love Jane’s garden glimpses] and I have additions and tips from other friends here too, which allow me to think of them all as I wander around the little paths. I don’t have your beautiful green space but I do enjoy seeing it when you post pictures here, so am not complaining. WIN-WIN methinks :fingers-crossed: for a lovely Summer too, although with lack of ability to find and buy seeds this year it may be less colourful than Spring was. I shall concentrate on feeding the soil and tidying. :rose: :rose:

  9. Allan says:

    Great mixtures of colours Anne, You’ve fitted plenty into your hideaway, :good: :rose:

    • gertie says:

      GGHideaway … I like it Allan :good: Thank you :lol:
      I have been learning from the best Allan: from my dear old Granddad, and Dad, so many years ago, to all my lovely friends here. There isn’t a pic of it in this blog, but the Hazel cuttings are growing bigger daily. I cut back the encroaching Ribe bush around them on a regular basis to allow in plenty of sunshine, and I make sure that the watering reaches them daily, especially in this hot, dry weather, and they seem very happy :-) Have been watching MickyP’s latest video this morning and realise that I need to feed them more often, i.e. weekly, as well. So :fingers-crossed: am getting there. Thanks again Allan :rose:

  10. Goldfish says:

    A beautifully garden Anne. :good: :rose: :rose:

  11. gertie says:

    Thank you very much Vashte :-) :rose: :rose:

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