Gertie’s Garden Hideaway, June 2020.

Gertie’s Garden Hideaway, June 2020.

.June is passing through very quickly and proving to be as colourful as previous months, which surprises and also pleases me. I haven’t watched the birds as much as usual, but have noticed that Blue Titmice and Great Titmice still come into the Holly tree. Robin is around; there is a pair of Gold Finches that visit the newly washed and refilled feeders and Blackbirds have emigrated to a tall fir tree in a garden at the back, where the male sings morning, noon and night. He’s very melodious and clearly related to last year’s Bird as his song is identical except for missing the last cadence.

Red roses in the Holly are lovely and so is Dame de Coeur.

Other roses have bloomed in June: tiny potted ones, climbing high ones, bushy little ones and good ole Peace as well. .

During Spring there were plenty of bees buzzing about, but there have been fewer over the last two weeks or so. Maybe it’s too hot for them? I did find an enormous Stag Beetle behind Blue Hill, sadly already dead, and again, also sadly dead, this butterfly in the Glassroom too. Have seen a few live Cabbage Whites and one Comma Butterfly, but this month, not even another Holly Blue! Where have they all gone I wonder?

The scent of Privet has replaced that of the Clematis Montana, as you enter Gertie’s Garden Hideaway and, despite the mess that falling blossoms make on the pavement, it really is delightful.

Another stunning white flower is the tall Foxglove growing in a pot by the Christmas tree, which, incidentally, has also put on a spurt of new growth since I top-dressed it and water it daily.

I hadn’t before realised that Foxgloves are Biennials so I shall cherish those that I have and make sure that they return after next season.

Another tall plant that appeared and grew like Topsy, is the Great Mullein! It’s fabulous, in totally the wrong place, but Dom ‘cuts it down on fear of starvation!’ Usually it grows at The Pres!

The Marigolds behind it have been gorgeous. I am collecting seed from them as well as from other flowers this year.

The yellow ‘Daisy Bush’ is called Brachiglottis. Red Penstemons, which had a small Chelsea Chop, have been swiftly followed by the pink and white ones.

There are flowers galore!

Blue Hill, named for its Blue pots and Blue Fir tree from Jann and Judith, has some more blue flowers as well as massed pink ones! It also has a new Clematis.

In the sunny ‘Front Room’, along with red-flowered runner beans from Allan, Is a glorious corner filled with Daisies, and blue Convolvulus from Lynn. :-)

Mauryanda Barclayana … oh all right Cilla J , Maureen Bandylegs J rampantly climbs all over one arch … whilst Blackberry blossoms and new Clematis climb the other. Dianthus blooms and multiplies steadily.

Purple-blue Campanula has been abundantly blossoming all year, and I am nurturing a tiny patch of white Campanula in the hope that there will be enough to send to Karen in N.I. again, next year, as the first lot didn’t make it.

At the shed corner, the first Clematis has bloomed all month, the rampant Weed is nearly in bloom and looks like a giant groundsel [it isn’t of course J] and the Black Grass, as advised by friends on Garden Clickers, has multiplied very nicely; Thank you GC! :-)

There are more blooms all the time, more coloured leaves, and I haven’t even shown the edible crops yet; Runner Beans, Tomatoes, Lettuces and the perennial ranges of Mints, as well as Blackcurrants, Loganberries, Strawberries and Blackberries.  Am saving Kale Seeds as well and encouraging some other favourites [some might call weeds] to come back and proliferate.

All in all, GGH continues to be pleasantly busy and filled with a rainbow of colours in amongst the Greens; A ‘bedspread’ as Cilla puts it, of flowers and colours in the garden. :-)

The mystery vine-like plant on the raised bed, next to some Sage is Physalis … am well pleased. J Rosemary and Thyme, amongst other Herbs, are doing okay. The Arbour is now hidden behind swathes of creamy Jasmine, ‘Clotted Cream’ Blossoms.

More seeds are growing in the Glassroom, including Cerinthe from Jane. :-)     I love the way that GGH fills with ‘friends’ from all over the U.K.

Anne, June 2020.

… and there is more …

… and when I take a picture of the frog in Tiny Pond I will add it to my records. :-)   :rose:


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  1. cilla says:

    I am so impressed with your garden Anne. You have so many different blooms and the roses are fabulous. It is just a riot of colour, your photos are stunning and I love the wildlife at the end! Did Maureen overwinter? Thank you for that visit, truly beautiful :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Oh Cilla, thankyou :-)
    Yes Maureen did overwinter and I am saving seeds this year of everything, to be quite sure I can have the flowers I love in GGH as well as pass them on where requested. :-) :rose:

  3. VegVamp says:

    What a beautiful riot of colour Anne, it is gorgeous and testament to all your hard work. :good: And thank you for your nurturing of more white Campanula for me, that is very kind. :rose:

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen :-)
    You are one of many folks here who are teaching me so much more about’ how to’ in a must-do-pursuit I learnt from my Dad and his Dad. Your vegetable garden is absolutely glorious! :-) :clover: :rose:

  5. Len says:

    great pictures anne. i am very envious.

  6. Len says:

    great pictures anne. i am very envious. :good:

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks Len, but don’t be …I bet your lottie products are way better than my meagre offerings…I just like letting the flowers run riot! :lol: :rose:

  8. Absolutely lovely, Anne :-) Full of colour as ever, alongside lots of fab wildlife :notacloudinsight:

  9. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane :-) Squirrel is down there, munching as I write :lol: :rose:

  10. Tubs says:

    Just been able to see the photos, lovely visit as usual. I love the white foxglove, I am starting to appriciate white in the garden.

  11. gertie says:

    Thank you Tubs :-) There is such variety in white flowers too isn’t there :good: Lynn has had a white flower bed for a long time. :-) :rose:

  12. karenp says:

    What a beautiful variety of flowers, do love the one you called Maureen bandylegs too ;-)

  13. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen, on behalf of all the flowers too :lol: :love: :rose:

  14. Tubs says:

    Just looked through these again lovely and the Convolvulus is so pretty will have to look out for it. I like privet it’s so forgiving and the scent.

  15. gertie says:

    Hallo again Tubs :high-five: yes, the Privet scent has been amazing this year; so much blossom hot on the heels of the fading Clematis Montana that was in the Arbour and over the Wiggly Willow in the corner. It still smells lovely even though I now spend each day scooping up swathes of browned fallen blossoms and putting them into the composter. When I am out and about again, and after the flowering season, I will try to post some Convolvulus rootings to you if you would like some. Mine came from Lynn, so they would be going around, just like so many of our shared garden delights :dance: :lol: :rose:

    • Tubs says:

      Thank you, that is a kind offer, I dreamed of having some but in reality my garden is going to be put down to lawn and the shrubs around the edge in the autumn. This dry weather has also made plants not look their best so having a re think..

  16. gertie says:

    Next season, when I re-make hanging baskets Tubs, I intend to put some to grow in one of them. I think that as long as I put good compost etc in, they will love growing and hanging in swaying wreathes over the edges of the basket :good: Watch this space :lol: :rose:

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