Nature Park Walk July 2020.

Nature Park Walk July 2020.

This afternoon we decided to give the car, and ourselves, a first proper outing for over three months. No more fields of Cow Parsley but the Willow Herb swathes were pretty.

I spotted a Seven-Spot ladybird. :-)

The trip out was mainly to give us and the car a bit of exercise, but I just had to take a few pictures.  :-)

We avoided one river-view spot as it was already occupied by a Mum and pram, but we did stop at a vacant post and peer over the lake.

I espied a favourite ‘umbel ….

… and took lots of picture of a bee ferreting about on a thistle flower …..

Outside the Park, the car restarted, and Dom drove us home whilst I took pictures of some pretty hanging baskets on the way.

It was a very pleasant walk and a nice start to going out again, even though we seemed to be the only folks wearing face covers and stepping to one side of the path … it’s not over yet!

Anne ….. 09 July 2020.


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  1. Glad you could get some ‘normality’ back at last, Anne :good: A lovely careful walk and drive :-) We’ve got some masks for if we ever get to Devon ;-)

  2. cilla says:

    You must have felt as if you were released from prison Anne. Some lovely photos and I’m glad you enjoyed your walk :-)

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Cilla. It was strange; a mix of trepidation and satisfaction, and achievement … a first small step! At first I felt really tired and achy but as we progressed the walking became easier and more normal thank goodness! I was a bit saddened by the apparent unawareness of social distancing of several groups of parents and youngsters tho’. and we were the only peops I saw wearing masks. :rose:

  3. Glad you and Dom managed to venture out. It must have felt good,to be returning to a sort of normal!. Whatever that is!!!
    Some great pics too .

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Lynn :-) BTW Have just watched a programme about Fenlands around Welney and Ely…it was a cracking programme ! really beautiful :-) :rose:

  5. gertie says:

    :good: I’m glad that the Cathedral is still closed Lynn … we really are not ‘out of the woods’ yet Let’s hope some clever scientists find a vaccine soon :fingers-crossed:

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