Back to Crystal Palace Park!

Back to Crystal Palace Park!

Yes! The pigeons were still in the Pigeon Tree!

It had lost a branch last year, which still floated in the water of the lake, but the Pigeons still liked to sit in the upper branches that were left.

Underneath them on the bank’s edge, a mixed bevvy of birds, including the Egyptian Geese pair, pootled about together.

The lake was quite busy, and at the far end the little boats for hire, were being busily paddled about between the trees and the ducks!

We walked around the end of the lake past the Weeping Willow …

… and over the high path adjacent to the railway line, where I found a Bee, but was persuaded to leave it for its owner to retrieve!

There were many groups of people walking about, none wearing face coverings, and all apparently enjoying the park as usual. Two notices, however, were a reminder that all was not ‘as usual’.

Trudging up the last little hilly path … golly that was hard work!! … I noticed the Bees enjoying some Thistle flowers … how lovely to be able to cuddle up to a soft, fluffy flower like that! :-)

We were approaching the Station Exit and our return home.

There were lovely green shadows under the sunlit trees and a train still at the Station. :-)

Back in the full glare of the afternoon sun we passed the small Supermarket at the bottom of our road, where people were queueing dutifully, waiting patiently to go inside.

The ATM in the wall was out of use, …

… but the lady in the corner café still had a pretty display of flowers outside her shop , to greet us, as we turned into out road and started the climb back home.

Anne … July 12th, 2020.


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  1. cilla says:

    How lovely for you to get back to your park, Anne. Delightful photos as usual :-)

  2. Lovely, Anne and I really love the broken branch photo and the one with the geese. Gorgeous light :-)

  3. Allan says:

    Getting fatal error when posting, :good: :rose:

  4. Allan says:

    Getting fatal error when posting,

  5. Glad you are getting out and about again Anne. A great set of pics.

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you Lynn …. I am a bit trepidatious but beginning to enjoy getting back Lynn, and seeing familiar and well liked scenes from before. :good: :-) :rose:

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