My Travelling Plant!

My Travelling Plant!

There it is [in colour] in a bed of straw, growing very fast and comfortably-thank you! This was in the second week of June.  A month later it was enormous and travelling towards the sun …..

…with male flowers …

… and female flowers …

… through the growing runner beans …

… and out at the other side by the end of June; still growing.

On July 13th  it was still wandering, should I say, rampaging across the growing variety of flowers and vegetables in the sunny ‘Back Room’ and I decided it needed to climb upwards, Monty Don style, so I pushed in a strong, green rod, at a sloping angle, and tied it to that.

I wrongly assumed that it was tough, being able to support the weight of future hanging squashes at some stage, but I was wrong.

It bent and split at a place along its length. I decided to try a quick mend. I wrapped it in a fresh, clean Marigold leaf, and hoped.

It worked. The stem was still travelling perkily upright on the 14th.

Today it flaunts ever bigger male flowers, and needs more guidance.

So, I encouraged its wavy, splayed-out tendrils to curl around in the right direction and poked its head through an arch support.

It’s a quite extraordinary plant but I have no idea what sort of squash it is. Am keeping fingers crossed for a Butternut, but so far the fat female bits left after the pretty, yellow flowers look very spherical…full stop!

If anyone can tell from looking at these pictures, please say.   Otherwise, watch this space!

Anne ….. 15.07.2020


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  1. How interesting, Anne! Definitely a squash of some type but I don’t know what :confused:

  2. gertie says:

    I am mystified Jane! :lol: I found the seedling growing like Topsy amongst the lettuces etc, and recognised it as a squash so planted it in a space outside. Hoped that it might be a Butternut crept in, as I’d been saving the seeds, [and am very untidy :bad: ]. Am now thinking it must have come from old birdseed :confused: :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Update! I think that the mystery is solved. A friend reminded me this morning, as she was talking about her own growing squashes, that she gave me an Ornamental one earlier this year and so this is what I have :-) Better still, there are several gourds growing, I can harvest them around October, and there are enough to share around for a bit of ornamental fun at the end of that month :good: :-) As Jane noted, and I concurred, I think it’s an Italian Stripe :lol: :rose:

  4. Yewbarrow says:

    That’s great Anne, not only have you a plant in the garden which is fun to watch grow you will have the gourd to keep and arrange indoors – lovely stuff

  5. gertie says:

    :good: :-) After the theft of my potted Virginia Creeper near the gate yesterday Jenny [could I have made it any easier to nick?! :mad: I feel better today, knowing that I have so many friends with whom I can continue to exchange plants [and let’s hope that the beautiful creeper brings someone else the joy it was bringing me!] :rose:

  6. gertie says:

    Thanks Jane … I am a bit sad :confused: I miss it. Was so looking forward to the red leaves as I lost the original plant when the old tree trunk was removed.
    Never mind, no good crying over spilt milk, [or lost leaves in this case!] :rose:

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