My Travelling Plant, Continuing!

My Travelling Plant, Continuing!

The mend had worked. The following day the plant was off again and the tiny gourds were beginning to fatten and grow, so far just two.

As they have grown, they have changed colour. Another vine went in the opposite direction and produced a third gourd which I cushioned with straw.  My friend advises me to harvest them in October. Pictures should tell the story… These on 13.08.2020 …

… with more flowers promising on 15.08.2020.

Regularly I photographed the gourds, [though not with scientific rigour I now realise] to follow the warts and colour changes [notwithstanding atmospheric colour differences at the time] and noticed the green stripes growing stronger from the bases of some.






The starry, yellow flowers continue to blossom.

By the 20th August, my hand fits around the gourds.

Two have green stripes, and one is yellow with a green bottom and warts! This was the first one to mature and it sits between the other two.

The one in the above picture is the third to mature and it is on the end of the vine that shot off in the opposite direction. It’s been great fun following this charging vine, watching what grows, what falls off; cutting off leaves that got a bit mildewy-looking and seeing inside their hollow stems, and tucking up the ground-based ones in a bed of straw! The vines are clearly very tough. Following are today’s photos ….. there is not much change in size.

Anne … 22.08.2020

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