Crystal Palace Pads Garden Goings-on! 2020.

Crystal Palace Pads Garden Goings-on! 2020.


     It has been a grand year in the C.P.Pads Garden. Teds have grown Cabbages, carrots, and potatoes, even tomatoes in the Greenhouse! Foxley Ted loves tomatoes, and Muffin loves carrots!

Also, there have been Newcomers joining the Crystal Palace Teds. Meet the Bees!

Have you noticed too, that there are other strangers in the Garden?

The strangers have been very industrious. The Bees have helped to pollinate* flowers …..

… and the other newcomers have worked and played in the garden getting to know their new Ted friends and helping to grow some beautiful Squashes for October Celebrations. Here are their names.

With all the extra help, Teds have had time to relax and enjoy CPPG*.

Hooter Owl Ted looks over the garden and takes care of the drying Runner Bean Pods from Gertie’s Garden Hideaway Jungle outside.

Gislim Ted and his Polar Bear friends help Hooter Owl Ted at the top of their Glass House Home.

Teds are gathering in their crops and preparing for an Octoberfest with their Squashes, whilst Robin looks on and sings merrily.

They have had a present from a friend of the Teds and Anne, of a beautiful, Decorated Heart and a picture of glorious, yellow flowers.

Head Gardener, Foxley Ted, has snaffled the yellow flowers and put them in his little Garden Pad. Squidge Ted has hung up the Heart.

Roll on Octoberfest! :-)

Anne October 2020.

pollinate* = moving pollen from plant to plant, to help the plants to make flowers.

CPPG*  = Crystal Palace Pads Garden.


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  1. Thought of you and your bears when I read that the “veggie patch goes raving” :lol: And good morning, Anne :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Bless you Jane :-) Thank you for the link … it’s actually very cheering :-) :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    They have ben a busy bunch :-) You will need to move house soon if the pad keeps growing at that rate ;-) Impressed with the squashes :good:

  4. gertie says:

    Spot on Cilla! Am trying to squeeze pints into half-pint pots now! :lol: :rose:

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