This One

This One!

The Crystal Palace Pads Garden has had a busy year, and it is not over yet! The Head Gardeners, Foxley and Hedgeley, are showing Knitwitch this year’s Pumpkins. Knitwitch, with her little, black cat, examines them closely “Mmmm, lavverly!”*she cackled to herself.

“Now,” mused Knitwitch, who had come to choose a Pumpkin, “Shall it be this one?” turning to the one in the middle of the row, “Or this one?” she said, looking as the bigger one to her left.
“Look at this one!” mewed Black Cat, “The one I am standing on!”
“What about this one?” said Green Man from a nearby raised bed.

“Noeowowowow! This one!” Mewed Black Cat, louder still!

Knitwitch carried on musing as Black Cat stood her ground on her chosen Pumpkin.

At last Knitwitch looked at Black Cat and stared at the Pumpkin on which Black Cat was standing and said slowly, “Yes, I think this one on which you are standing Black Cat!”
Black Cat was delighted. :-)

He rubbed noses with Foxley Ted,
“Gosh!” said Hedgeley!
Then Black Cat jumped down from the Pumpkin and then back up onto it again to rub noses with Knitwitch. He was a very chuffed little pussy cat. :-)

Black Cat continued to jump around in delight, shouting, ”This one! This one!” until eventually Foxley bent down and whispered to him, his nose resting on Black Cat’s preferred Pumpkin;

“Yes Black Cat, …. …!”

What do you think he whispered?  :-)

Anne … October 2020

Little Robin heard. :-)

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  1. cilla says:

    I can feel the excitemount mounting……..but who will be carving the pumpkin?

  2. Oh, no – it’s that time of year again – spooky things ahead!!

  3. gertie says:

    Yip, I expect the ghouls and ghosties will be out and about in the Pads! ;-) :rose:

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