C.P. Park … A November Walk, 2020. part Two, Monsters!

C.P. Park … A November Walk, 2020.


The first sign of Monsters [in the friendly sense of size, you understand?  ] came as I passed the Farm, went down the short hill and prepared to turn left towards the massive Oak tree … but I get ahead of myself … the Farm.

Over the electrified fence, and later, the tall metal fencing, a few animals that looked like goats were munching or hanging about in a desultory manner in their leaf-filled enclosures of the farm; [on the right as you enter from C.P. train station.]

These were a far cry from the concrete-created monsters built around 1852, which can be glimpsed through the trees further on. I read recently, that some vandals had damaged the big Megalosaurus, and broken the antlers of the Elks, and was relieved to see that not all was lost, as my first sight over the crest of the hill showed.

There were the Ichthyosaurus monsters, bathing and basking as usual, in the waters of the little stream that links different parts of the big lake; [though methinks they would prefer to be flying … just imagine !!]

*If you want more info about the Monsters “Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, Wikipedia” will confound you with convoluted monster names … great fun!

Autumn colours of the various trees were a perfect foil for the grey Monsters lurking behind them and I carried on walking around by the water espying various critters half hidden in the trees and waterside shrubbery, until I came upon the ruminants, the Elks.

The bent antlers of the Elks hung down, but were still there, a testament to the way in which they were made nearly two hundred years ago!

I was surprised at the green, luscious heather as my last memory of it was of shades of pink and purple [note to self … look up flowering times of heather!!] but relieved nonetheless to see the Elks relatively intact.

I carried on walking, looking and clicking.


Anne, November 25th 2020

****************************End of Part Two******************************

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  1. A lovely walk Anne, still lots of colour on the tree’s, thankyou for sharing

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks for reading it Lynn … those colours were amazing :-) :rose:

  3. Tubs says:

    Lovely photos thank you. Will have another walk around later.

  4. cilla says:

    It is a lovely spot to walk and so sad about the damage. Civilisation seems to be going backwards :excruciating: :-(

  5. gertie says:

    It is Cilla, and what with HS2 and Brexit I am tempted to agree with you…but we mustn’t give up :rose:

  6. Lovely that you’re so close to a place you can walk around, Anne :good:

  7. Allan says:

    Put some of these in the November photo comp Anne, :rose:

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