C.P.Park. A November Walk. The Way Back.

C.P.Park. A November Walk. The Way Back.

I headed for the path up past the Willow and the red Fir. On the steps, Lichen [?] grew against the wooden risers.

To the right the hillside was a carpet of bronze-coloured leaves, and ahead, a squirrel was squatting looking at me, a large nut [?] in its mouth; rich pickings from the trees around.

From my vantage point high up on the slope, I could look down to the big Oak Tree from another angle.

I then joined the path around the Sports Centre, where the Spindle Berry Bush and other shrubs were filled with bounty for the birds. :-)

As it was fairly dry, I allowed myself the [careful] luxury of walking through the grass and golden leaves beneath the Beech Trees, over the hill rise and through a mixture of yet more leaves of all sorts crowding together.

Finally, leaving the Beeches behind and finding a well-trodden path, yet patterned with leaves, for all the World like a piece of bathroom lino [sorry, it just popped into my head!!] I made my way to the park exit by the train station, and thence home.

Anne … November 27th, 2020.




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  1. cilla says:

    There is certainly plenty to see in your lovely park Anne. The squirrels have lots of bounty this year as well as the jays with all the acorns. A lovely lifeline for you in these wierd times. Thank you for showing us round :-)

  2. Tubs says:

    Lovely picture of the majestic oak.

  3. A totally lovely walk, Anne :-) Just heard today from the farm where F-i-l lives that they’ve lost about 20 young sheep from acorn poisoning :-( It’s been a mast year everywhere, it seems :

    • gertie says:

      How sad about the sheep Jane :disappointed: but yes, a mast year, definitely … loads of acorns around :good: and thank you for the article … really informative :good: :-) and I thought acorns were poisonous to humans, as opposed to just being bitter and unpalatable. As a child I wondered why pigs could eat them! :confused: :rose:

  4. A lovely walk Anne & such great shaped trees

  5. gertie says:

    There really are some lovely trees in that park Lynn … I haven’t appreciated them as much before as I do now. :-) :rose:

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