A Walk ‘Around the Block’

A Walk ‘Around the Block’

I didn’t have long enough to go around the park, and anyway it was starting to rain, so I contented myself with a walk around the block, having posted yet another parcel of sweet goodies for Christmas.

I knew that there were Oak trees on the Green at the top of the road, which hadn’t yet lost their leafy finery, so I aimed for them, camera in hand, and snapped more Autumn Leaves and Heather, on the way. [So why was there no flowering heather around the Elks in the Park the other day?]

I was not disappointed. The Oak tree I remembered especially, the one that a friend looks out upon from her high up living room window, was still adorned in green and gold. The little Green, with its remnants from the Great North Wood, also looked splendid in green and gold. It’s a lovely space; in Spring there are daffodils and crocus flowers; but now it is Autumn.

I crossed to the Green and wandered amongst the tall trees. Surrounded by the Oaks, I took photos of them. There is one Evergreen Oak on the corner, which is always dark green. Some of the Oaks had frilly aprons of leaves part-way up their trunks, new growth for new branches-to-be. It felt rather special being surrounded by these old trees: fanciful you may say, but true.

To think that some of these trees’ ancestors were felled for wood to make  galleons, hundreds of years ago!”

Leaving the leaf-littered grass, I crossed back over the road to climb my friend’s steps and take the photo I didn’t take when I dropped off the milk the other day! This Oak had the best apron of all; it’s a lovely old Oak tree.

I then made my way home passing berries and leaves in folks’ front gardens and thinking, ”Lucky birds!”

Anne, November 30th 2020.

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  1. Very nice, Anne – some lovely photos there. Your area looks like it might be quite quiet :-)

  2. gertie says:

    Thanks Jane :love: It varies. It has become quieter since the adjacent boro’ of Croydon messed about with roads, diverting traffic to a circuitous tour to miss out the local roads… nice for the inhabitants but dire for through traffic and those of us who had hospital visits in Croydon!!! and it was horrid for those around the Green who had to deal with lorries taking their usual route only to have come back and go somewhere else!! …. Yes … petitions … protests …. angst.. bloomin’ poorly thought -through projects that just don’t work
    … nuff sed!! :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    Nearly all the leaves, except those from the Evergreen Oak, have now dimmed and fallen. Soon the Spring Crocus flowers and Daffodils will deck the green anew. It was still lovely walking under the Oaks, through the little pathways. :-) :rose:

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