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Music Requests with Walt

I think we could all do with a bit of a lift and some fun, especially this year. Our own music man, Walt, has kindly agreed to run the music requests again. It can be any kind of music you want, as long as it has a seasonal theme.

As usual, Walt has complete autonomy and can play, ignore, add or carry forward as many requests as he wants each day.

So get those requests in and many thanks to Walt for running it again for us.

128 Responses

  1. cilla says:

    Thanks Karen and Walt, we certainly do need cheering up.
    Could I have my favourite Snowman from Aled Jones please :walt: :walt: :walt:

  2. Hello Walt :-) I love the haunting theme tune from The Bridge: Choir of young Believers – ‘Hollow Talk’ with lyrics (version 5.17 mins). Hope you can put it up here :-)

  3. VegVamp says:

    Great choices Cilla and Jane. :good: As we seem to be in a “haunting songs” mood, may I have The Mummers’ Dance by Loreena McKennitt please Walt.

  4. VegVamp says:

    Morning Walt, for some fun this morning, may I please have one of my favourite’s at this time of year ,The Pogues, A Fairytale of New York. That should get me motivated for the day. :good:

  5. cilla says:

    That Mummas Dance was beautiful. OH and I adore wolves, what a lovely film and music

  6. Hello Walt :-) Can we have Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa, please as I think foot-tapping music is needed for all those parties we can’t have :lol:

  7. cilla says:

    Hi Walt. I know it’s not Christmassy but could we have Lark Ascending please, it is so uplifting

    • gertie says:

      Such lovely music …. thanks Cilla and Walt. It takes me straight back to the fields I wandered in as a child of 10 +years, before the new town of Stevenage was built over it all. I was so lucky to have had that wild freedom then, and Vaughan Williams must have had it too. :-) :rose:

  8. VegVamp says:

    Morning all, May I have Pentatonix singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah please Walt – amazing singing.

  9. gertie says:

    Buongiorno Walt. Grazie per Pentatonix, per favore possiamo ora avere versione originale con Leonard Cohen ? :walt: :rose:

  10. Tubs says:

    I would like to hear Demis Roussos – When A Child Is Born, A fan of his !! born on my 6th birthday,

  11. Tubs says:

    Good morning, please may I have, Mario Lanza Ave Maria from The Great Caruso. Lanza my first love as a young teenager!

  12. Hello Walt :-) Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross would go down very well today, thanks :kissme:

  13. gertie says:

    At a time that suits you Walt, please could we have ‘Ding dong Merrily’, sung by children? …and I am curious to know…sarebbe la tua prima scelta per favore :walt: :rose: :rose: ?

  14. gertie says:

    At a time that suits you Walt, please could we have ‘Ding dong Merrily’, sung by children? …and I am curious to know… quale sarebbe la tua prima scelta per favore :walt: :rose: :rose: ?

  15. gertie says:

    Mille Grazie Walt … buonanotte :walt: :rose:

  16. Tubs says:

    Please may I have Jim Reeves Jingle Bells.

  17. Hello Walt :-) Please play The Kinks – Father Christmas :haveyoubeengood?:

  18. VegVamp says:

    Just had a wonderful time listening to all that great music, thank you. As it is nearing the shortest day and is also the last day of Hanukkah please may I have
    Light in the darkness, Swedish Lucia Tradition by Jonna Jinton please Walt. It’s a bit late for St Lucia day, but a festival of lights is very seasonal. :-)

  19. Tubs says:

    Please may I have, O Holy Night ~ Luciano Pavarotti and one your choices as well! please

  20. Tubs says:

    Thank you Walt, seems I have chosen religious but have wanted to remember those that have now gone but brought pleasure when alive.

  21. VegVamp says:

    Evening Walt, please my I have Alison Krauss singing The Wexford Carol, with Yo-To Ma on cello, it is stunning. My M-i-L was a Wexford lass and OH still has family there. :love:

  22. cilla says:

    Hope all goes well for OH and monday Karen. We visited Wexford a lot and I have a picture of a lightship in Wexford harbour that a friend gave me when we left Ireland painted by Phoebe Donovan.

  23. Morning Walt :-) Would you play Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span – The Holly and The Ivy, please. Always rousing! :kissme:

  24. VegVamp says:

    My choice for today is Jona Lewie, singing Stop The Cavalry please Walt.

  25. Dear Santa, sorry – Dear Walt!
    Please set up for tomorrow Jethro Tull – Ring Out Solstice Bells (1976) as it’s, you guessed it, Winter Solstice 2020!
    Thanks from Jane :fairysaysouch: :kissme: :oldnosey:

  26. gertie says:

    Smashing voice Elvis had :good: Buonanotte Walt :walt: :rose:

  27. VegVamp says:

    Morning Walt, please may I have the silent monks performing The Hallelujah Chorus, need a laugh this morning. ;-) :good:

  28. Tubs says:

    Please may I have smoke gets in your eyes by the Platters, just another from the past,

  29. Hello Walt :-) I need something short, sweet and foot-tappin’, please and suggest The Sonics Don’t Believe in Christmas :walt: :haveyoubeengood?: :oldnosey:

  30. Tubs says:

    Could I be cheeky and have a second one please! Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

  31. VegVamp says:

    Fab choices this morning and great work from Walt. :good: :cool:

  32. Tubs says:

    He is now 93. Please may I have Mary’s Boy Child · Harry Belafonte

  33. Morning Walt :-) I came across this yesterday in the Guardian and I really wish I could move like this – such fabulous music! I hope to do my gardening to this next year :lol: :haveyoubeengood?: Jerusalema Dance Challenge (ORIGINAL)- By Fenomenos do Semba

  34. Jenn says:

    Hi Walt, may I please have my absolute favourite, Ella Fitzgerald, singing Silent Night. Thank you x

  35. Jenn says:

    Hi Walt. Can I please have my absolute favourite, Ella Fitzgerald singing Silent Night. Thank you x

  36. Morning Walt :-) This is one of Karen’s from last year and it’s fab – can you dig it out again, please? :fairysaysouch: :kissme:
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve / Sarajevo (Timeless Version)

  37. VegVamp says:

    Morning Walt, My choice today is Steeleye Span – Gaudete the 1972 version if possible please. :good:

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