Christmas is Coming. … An Advent Ted Tale for 2020..

Christmas is Coming.

An Advent Ted Tale for 2020..

A big Fir tree appeared in the Crystal Palace Pads’ Garden.

Foxley, the Head Gardener, was sprawled comfortably nearby with one of the blue Rainbow Teds. He was looking up at the tree in satisfaction.

Belle, Fairy Ted, was fluttering high up in the tree, hanging a beautiful decoration made by Chelsea, on to the tree top.

“There!” said Belle Fairy Ted; “That is perfect.”

After the wonderful surprise visit by the Fir tree, the Teds busied themselves inviting Christmas friends to come to visit the tree for Christmas.

Along came Elves who started to find pretty things to dangle from the fir Tree branches.

“We will dress you in Finery,” they said to the Fir Tree.

“When we have finished, you will become a Christmas Tree!” The Fir Tree was excited.

Down in the Garden, Teds were gathering around excitedly too, as the Fir tree began to look finer and finer.

Brittany Ted’s little grey friend dragged her across to the Tree as an Elf waved to them from the branches; and the Frog Teds behind the Greenhouse hopped up and down to get a better look!

One of the newly arrived Blue Rainbow Teds sat under the Tall Tree with his friend, Gruffalo Ted. They gazed up into the green branches above them.

“”Look at those sparkly crystals dangling in there!” whispered Gruffalo Ted in Blue Rainbow Ted’s ear.

“Pretty!” breathed Blue Rainbow Ted, softly.

Woofa Ted sat under the Tree branches, peering up.

It was looking very festive and Woofa Ted began to feel the special excitement of Advent.*

Foxley sat back in his comfy armchair and watched very contentedly. Owl Ted surveyed the garden goings-on from his usual perch on the roof of the Garden Glass House. Even he was feeling excited and could not help flapping his wings and jumping up and down on his perch Can you see him Dear Reader?

Teds gathered around and watched happily as Fir Tree began to look more and more festive.

“Am I a Christmas Tree now?” asked the Fir Tree.

Ivy Rainbow Ted joined Blue and Gruffalo to watch the decorating … and Belle Fairy Ted , now down from the treetop, sat back contentedly with Holly Rainbow Ted as Robin flew to the top of the Fir Tree to perch in the tallest spot!

“Now! Am I a Christmas tree?” asked the Fir Tree again.

“We are nearly there,” whispered Belle. “You are now an Advent Tree. “

“I like being an Advent tree,” whispered the Tree, “I feel pretty.”

More Teds came from the Pads Community to look at the Advent Tree.

The Winter Solstice* brought early darkness.

The lamp switched itself on and Teds had a little party before falling asleep in the Pads Garden.

“NightnightTeds!  Nightnight Advent Tree!”


*Advent is the time when Christians wait for Jesus to be born. The word ,Advent, comes from two Latin words which mean, before and coming. Nowadays many people celebrate Advent with fancy Calendars dating from the first day in December to the twenty-fifth day, Christmas day, when Baby Jesus’s birth is remembered.

*The Winter Solstice, usually celebrated on the twenty-first day of December, is when Winter officially begins and the longest night comes and goes. After it, the daylight lasts a little longer each day and we head through the Winter, looking forward to Spring.


Anne December 21st, 2020.


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  1. Thankyou Anne, the teds do seem to be getting into the Christmas spirit⛄❄️❄️

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: Hallo Lynn … thank you :-) They have not, so far, been bothered by the pandemic! :rose:

  3. Tubs says:

    I do like Chelsea’s decoration the Teds must be very pleased with it.

  4. A fabulous children’s story, Anne :fairysaysouch: I love it that Chelsea contributed and I loved tree asking whether it was a Christmas tree now! :lol: :fairysaysouch: :fairysaysouch:

  5. VegVamp says:

    Brilliant Anne, and how clever of Chelsea to have made such a beautiful decoration. :good:

  6. gertie says:

    Thank you Karen :-) Chelsea’s decoration was very apposite in so many ways :good: :-) :clover: :rose:

  7. cilla says:

    What a lovely tale,Anne and clever Chelsea making that beautiful decoration. :-)

  8. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla, and yes, we were thrilled with the decoration … just what was needed to brighten up the Teds’ garden again in so many ways. :-) :love: :rose:

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