A Christmas Tree.

A Christmas Tree.

During Advent, excited Teds had welcomed a Fir tree into the Pads Garden, and with the help of Christmas Fairies had turned it into an Advent Tree. Excited Teds had gathered around the Tree and watched as Elves helped to decorate it for Advent. They partied around the Tree until one by one they fell asleep in the Garden, happy and expectant.

The following morning they urged all their friends to come to the garden to see the beautiful Advent Tree, and the next few days were filled with jollity and happy fun, with the Fir tree, radiant and happy as an Advent Tree, with joyous Robin sitting at the tip top!

The Christmas Elves had done a good job decorating the Fir Tree and it was happy with its new name of Advent Tree. Little did it realise that even better was soon to come.

Busy bees buzzed around Advent Tree and one was particularly enjoying its time chatting to the pretty Heart Decoration, and above, to Robin too.

Owl had regained his composure, and carefully, suppressing a feeling of mounting excitement, watched over the Pads Garden and the Teds, and made sure that all was safe and well. He saw the arrival of a pretty greetings card and watched as Teds gathered around to read the message on it and look at the colourful drawings.

“Come and look!” called Rafael Ted. “This Ted is wearing a Christmas Tree frock! It’s brilliant! I want one!!”

Indeed, the clever little Ted was wearing a costume shaped like a Christmas Tree and beautifully decorated with coloured baubles and pretty drapes.

All the Teds stared admiringly and wished that they had Christmas tree costumes too.

Darkness fell, Lamp lit up, and tired Teds fell asleep.

As they slept, Fir Tree, which had become Advent Tree, had another exciting night.

Even Owl Ted was unprepared for the change in Advent Tree on the following morning. “Whoo-hoo!” he hooted.

“You are now a Christmas Tree!” declared Belle Fairy Ted from the roof of the Glass House.

“At last! I am a real Christmas Tree!” said Fir Tree/Advent Tree/Christmas Tree contentedly.

”Now I feel beautiful!” ….. and Christmas Tree, laden with presents for Christmas, looked very beautiful indeed. All the Teds said so.

“Happy Christmas Everybody!” said Christmas Tree.


Anne … [With thanks to Ione for her beautiful card.]


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  1. gertie says:

    Thank you Jane, appreciated, especially as you don’t ‘do’ Christmas … but it seems that the Teds do ;-) :lol: :fairysaysouch: :rose:

  2. Glad the Ted’s have a tree laden with ornaments & brightly wrapped parcels. :run!: :haveyoubeengood?:

  3. gertie says:

    So are they Lynn ;-) ;-) I think a little stress will be needed in some stories soon… don’t want too wishy washy or complacent Teds ;-) :dance: :lol: HAGEvening :love: :rose:

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