GGHJ After One Snowy Day.

GGHJ After One Snowy Day.

It’s been a beautiful, blue-sky-sunny day, all day, and most, but not all, of yesterday’s snowfall has melted away with few ill effects to flowers, still enjoying Gertie’s Garden. In every room, bulbs are shooting high.

Hellebores are ‘out from under’, and flowers in the front room, still blooming!

Allan’s mini Fuchsia is bigger than ever and clearly loves it here.

On Blue Hill, the little white flower [name please?] also flowers on …

… and just look at that blue sky!  :-) ***** Anne, 25th January, 2021

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  1. cilla says:

    Lots of new life appearing there Anne and plenty of colour. Plants are amazing the way they battle through everything to bloom :-)

  2. gertie says:

    :-) I am astonished at the way in which some blooms, like the polyanthus, just bloom on through all weathers Cilla. :good: BTW, do you have any idea what the little white flower is please? It has pink splashes at the base of each petal, and is quite small and straggly. :confused: :rose:

  3. Len says:

    i have polyanthus in a tub back way that are still flowering anne.

  4. gertie says:

    :good: They are real little ‘Goers’ aren’t they Len :-) :rose:

  5. cilla says:

    It looks like Polemonium or Jacob’s Ladder Anne.

  6. cilla says:

    It also looks like a Solanum or potato vine but I’m still looking!

  7. gertie says:

    That’s so sweet of you Cilla, thank you very much. :love: :rose:

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