Squirrel Peanuts!

Squirrel Peanuts!

I spotted this fat little critter as he was chasing off another squirrel, before resuming a thorough finishing off of a feast that left scattered peanut skins all over the balcony roof! He meticulously searched around for spilt peanuts outside the tray, and ate them too, taking no apparent notice of me clicking away in the Glassroom!

What a mess!

Meanwhile, the vanquished wannabe-sharing-your-feast-of-peanuts, was high-tailing it away, along the wall and over the garden shed into GGHJ …

 … no doubt looking to raid a bird feeder, and leaving his greedy, fat friend [?] to clear up the last of the peanuts, [but not the balcony!]

So how did this fat Squirrel Peanuts manage to make such a mess all over the floor?

Like this!

… and when he had finally cleared out the last edible morsel, and searched around to make sure he had missed none …

 … he dashed away to the garden bird table where he knew that he would find more to eat!  Oh joy :-)

Finally, it was a visiting Pigeon, one that likes to perch on the top of the bird table, which arrived suddenly and frightened Squirrel Peanuts away!

Having leapt to the Blue Fir, Squirrel Peanuts sat for a few moments, hiding.

When the coast was clear he ran down the tree trunk and skedaddled back home … until the next time?


Anne , 2nd February, 2021.




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