New Pads.

New Pads.

It all began at Christmas-time, 2019 in Poussan.

Visiting Crystal Palace Pads Teds had a great time meeting Jonah’s Ty Teddy critters, and firm friendships were made.

They were entranced by Matilda’s two white Teddies as well, and those two teddies made a big fuss of the tiny C.P.P.Teds.

After Christmas, the Ty Teddies came back to the Crystal Palace Pads to live with their new friends and for a year they stayed in various Pads with their Ted friends. They were very happy altogether, but rather crowded and some Teds wanted to have Corner Shops at the Pads.

The Corner Shops would provide spaces where food from the Pads Garden could be available to Teds when they went shopping. There would also be more Pads above for sleeping or spare storage. Teds thought this a grand idea and so the planning and building began!

New Pads blocks arrived, but they were not enough!

So more rooms were acquired …..

… and soon made busy, even before they were fully decorated!

Café space was quickly filled and more seating was needed. It was becoming very crowded with finer details being overlooked in the rush! What should they call the main area? They asked Milly and Margot, who donated some shop goodies, and “The Cutest Shop Ever” was mooted.

The party drinks shop was filling nicely.

Bunny Teds were enjoying their shopkeeper roles …..

… and Ty Teds were finding places of their own to be comfy.

After a whole year of meeting and making friends with the C.P.P.Teds, newcomers, Ty Teds and Bunny Teds both, have found their niches at the Pads.


Anne, February 9th, 2021

With thanks to Jonah for the Ty Teds. Xxxxx,

… and thanks to Matilda for sharing her kind, white teddies xxxxx

… and thanks to Milly and Margot for the shop goodies.xxxxx


















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  1. Good grief, Anne, I would never have imagined such building work was necessary for Ted living accommodation :lol:

  2. gertie says:

    :lol: You’d be amazed Jane :lol: They keep me on my toes ;-)
    It’s when the shelves don’t work and everything slides off … aghhhh! :excruciating: ;-) ;-) :rose:

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