New Pictures at the Pads.

New Pictures at the Pads.

Teds are working hard to make new Pads cosy and comfy for their growing community of Teds. As their Pads multiply, so their bare walls grow in number too. They badly need more pictures and photographs to make their Pads cosy and friendly. They had some post cards and pictures from Anne’s Grandchildren and friends, but not enough, and they now need more to welcome newcomer Teds.

For the newcomer Bunny Teds and Ty Teds, the resident Teds want to make a welcoming show. Anne asked her young friend, Ione, if she would please make some pictures to fit frames like those pictured above: and Ione did so. The new pictures that came were so lovely that Cranberry Ted began straight away to hang them in various Pads to brighten up the walls. The first to go up was of two friends greeting each other in front of a flower-filled picture on the wall behind them.

Cranberry and Muffin thought it was perfect in the corner and called to their friends to sit up and look!

Kenny Ty Ted was especially tickled because the colours in the picture matched his own furry coat!

“And I can see a tiger!” he said excitedly … Kenny likes tigers.

Knitted Ted loves this one next door: “Pretty colours!” he said.

The new Pads are filling up fast with beautiful painted stones and cactus plants, as well as roses along the fence. Some of the Ty Teds have decided to make their permanent homes there. They offered to help the Bunny Teds to run the Drinks Store, which still needs lots of work to make it ready.

Around the Block, two of the bigger Teds, who like to read or doze on their settee, were roused from their activities by some of the smaller Teds shouting to them and pointing to the wall above their heads … ”Look, a lovely picture has appeared, like magic!” …

As the two turn round to look, sure enough there is a beautiful picture on the wall above their fluffy heads!

“It’s like a little reminder of Christmas fun, all year round!” says big Abel Ted, as he turns over the pages of his newspaper, “Ooh, there’s one of our flying Fairy Teds too!”

Last, but by no means least, the precious pictures were brought to the Pads by a friend of Monkey Ted: he had arrived a few weeks before. Monkey’s friend asked if she could stay and live at the Pads too. She is a rabbit; her name is Lullaby Bunny because she likes music. She sings lullabies to her friends at bedtime.

Monkey is pleased, as he too loves music. He introduced Lullaby Bunny to his new friends in the Music Room, who have all welcomed her.

So, the Crystal Palace Pads is growing again, and becoming a more and more beautiful home for all the family of Bear, Bunny, Ty and Teddy Teds. Monkey Ted and Lullaby Bunny Ted help to fill the Pads with music and singing, and ‘arty’ Teds can start painting more pictures to fill these next, empty frames and spaces waiting below!

Anne … February 16th, 2021.


Thank you Ione, for Lullaby Bunny, and the beautiful pictures. xxxxx

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  1. Pretty impressed with the frames and pictures, Anne ;-)

  2. gertie says:

    :good: ;-) Thanks Jane … I am impressed with Ione’s ability to hit the nail on the head too, and she goes that extra mile, even making a another critter and a card to accompany the picture-filled frames when she had done them…. and she is but seven I think. :rose:

  3. gertie says:

    … and all thanks to a creative little girl called Ione, who likes drawing and gardens Len :-) :rose:

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