Garden Awakening.

Garden Awakening.

The evening before, after a dull, though fairly mild day, there was a pretty sunset sky. I had glanced out of the window and the white walls of the homes around me were coloured orange-pink under a flaming, evening sky. In front gardens around me tiny daffodils were beginning to flower, and then, suddenly it seems, they are flowering in Gertie’s Garden Hideaway too.

Robin sings in his favourite perch up high in the Wiggly Willow.

By Dom’s shed, Freckles has gone into fluffy, whiskery old age and still looks pretty. The variegated, grassy plant has survived the cold snap, Elephants’ Ears, Bergenia cordifolia  purpurea, is blooming already and Primroses and Primulas are vying with Hellebores to brighten the garden, along with the Polyanthus which didn’t give up, even when it was shivering in the snow! :-)

There are buds on bushes and shrubs too as well as some Curly Kale that just goes on giving.  :-)

I rescued my ailing Camelia successfully, thank goodness!

Kerria is about to bloom.

The welcome blues of Trailing Campanula are re-emerging …..

… and Lornicera Winter Honeysuckle is in perfumed bloom.

Hellebores deserve a blog of their own; they have been, and still are glorious.

Anne, in an awakening Gertie’s Garden, February 2021.

8 Responses

  1. Spring is definitely on its way in Gertie’s garden. Some beautiful flowers

  2. gertie says:

    As soon as the sun warms it up Lynn :lol: :dance: :rose:

  3. Goodness, Anne, it could be spring :lol: Lovely :-)

  4. cilla says:

    Wow Anne, beautiful flowers. My winter honeysuckle is next to where I park the car and smells delicious :-)

  5. gertie says:

    What a good idea Cilla :good: Ours is by the path as we walk along to the front door :good: love the scent :-) :good: :rose:

  6. Len says:

    love the pictures anne, especially the robin singing in the tree. :good:

  7. gertie says:

    Thanks Len … he is a gorgeous little bird isn’t he, wherever we see him :lol: :rose:

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