What a Difference Two Days Make!

What a Difference Two Days Make!

At 15.30 on a sunny, Monday afternoon we entered the Crystal Palace Park. Pigeons flew up to the ‘Pigeon Tree’ [as I call it] hoping for the bird seed that I had, as usual, forgotten to bring!

We walked past the beautiful, flowering Witch Hazels, and looking across the water of the lake, noticed how white blossoms shone like silver in the light.

Primroses were blooming in the grass on the waterside, and a pair of Egyptian geese was grazing in company with pigeons.

Around the corner a kind soul was feeding the seabirds, geese and pigeons in the sunshine.

Further along the path, more white blossom decorated graceful, arching branches and as we left the lake to climb uphill to the homeward path, we saw another pair of Egyptian Geese, which had three little goslings.

A few sunny pictures tell the story, with not a rain drop in sight!

We didn’t walk today, and I am glad because it rained, but we shall return soon to see more of those pretty blossoms and growing geese.


Anne, 03.03,2021



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  1. cilla says:

    How uplifting Anne, sunshine, flora and those cute goslings, a great start to the day. :-) :notacloudinsight: :rose:

    • gertie says:

      Thanks Cilla. I was pleased to see the goslings, There were but three this time, and I remember five a few years back, but maybe those have grown into the beauties we encountered first, [yet gosling-less ] as well as two I saw a year or so ago, in the Lake Park :good: :-) :rose:

  2. So nice you could get out, Anne! Lovely place :-)

  3. gertie says:

    It is a lovely park Jane and quite honestly, none the worse for being the only big, green space to see at the moment. I love the early blossoms as well as the golden Autumn-time leaves. Luck to have somewhere decent to exercise, with all its added attractions. Must remember to take a bag of birdseed next time :fingers-crossed: :-) :rose:

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