G.G.Hideaway’s Pre-Spring Tidy.

G.G.Hideaway’s Pre-Spring Tidy.

This week began with three days which started cool in the mornings and brightened up by afternoon. Very dear friends had given me some bags of wood chippings that neither they, nor their children, could use. It was just the spur to get me started on a real after-Winter clear up, and I did. All through Winter, Hellebore was blooming, along with Polyanthus, and Primrose.

Even after the cold snap of snow and frost that we recently had, they all bounced back. First I continued the trimming of dead leaves and branches, started before that cold snap, and then I began to clear up the paths.

During the prolonged spell of cold, wet weather, Blue Hill was dangerously slippery and no fun to navigate, and I intended to clear all the paths around it of any unwanted growth: [including the hated Celandines … so bright and pretty, but they were just so on that Saturday long ago, when my Dad went out and never came back, and ever since I can’t forgive the Celandines for reminding me].

Anyway, I cut back the glorious ‘Mind-your-own-Business’ and the space in front of the remaining  bench; and raked and swept through the Inglenook, ready to lay the first sack of wood chippings.

All throughout the morning, I missed Robin. I carefully laid aside many worms for him, they were plentiful, I am pleased to note, but his cheery song and perky self were nowhere to be heard or seen, and I felt more and more miserable, imagining what might have happened to him. :-(

Before I reached the glorious stage of emptying out that first sack, I had to move more large pots to clear spaces ready for the woodchip covering. This in turn, necessitated clearing bits of the front room of GGH where it was still overgrown, [some still is!!] and, with Dom’s help, shifting those heavy pots to a holding area, awaiting future use! During a morning of mixed emotions, one thing cheered me: I spotted a flowering Snowdrop on Blue Hill.

After lunch, with the sun still shining and the air almost warm, I finished off the areas that I could cover and tidied up for the next, exciting stage. Extricating the sack with the hole in the top first, I lugged it up the steps and through the Back Room to where the space in front of the bench was waiting, agape!

There! That’s better!

Next I dragged the still heavy sack of chippings to the other side of Blue Hill and covered the first step, just the first!! It felt so comfy to walk over :-)

After that it was easier to lift the bag with its remaining contents into the [slightly tidier!] Inglenook and drop the rest of the chippings there, to spread out under the Holly and Cotoneaster trees.

Then it was back around the path to resume trimming, before going indoors to make supper, feeling cheerier because Robin was back after all. :-)

Anne ….. February 11th, 2012

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  1. Yewbarrow says:

    love it Anne – job well done and won’t you enjoy sitting there complete with robin song

  2. gertie says:

    Thank you Jenny … and oh yes :lol: :good: :dance: :rose:

  3. cilla says:

    I love your garden Anne with all its secret corners and it is looking very smart and inviting now with the bark laid. Your hellebores are an absolute joy and so pleased robin is back :-)

  4. gertie says:

    Thank you Cilla … it hasn’t the spaciousness of yours so I make the most of its ‘nookiness’ and let it dictate its own thang … up to a point :lol: But it does look so much better when I tidy away the unwanted bits of ‘weeds’ [yes there are some I don’t want ;-) ] and the chippings are great :good: :dance: :rose:

  5. Fabulous, Anne and so good to have a nosy around someone else’s garden, especially one with all your nooks and crannies :lol: I love good woodchip paths and so do the blackbirds – be warned :lol:

  6. gertie says:

    Teehee Jane :-) … I love blackbirds so not a problem … they clean up the paths where the naughty squirrels spill everything when they cling upside-down on the bird feeders !! Hope your Greenhouse pane is replaced successfully? :rose:

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