Three Teds Go To Jamaica in 2022. Part Five:-  In and Out with Dorienne.

Three Teds Go To Jamaica in 2022.

Part Five:-  In and Out with Dorienne.

“In Dorienne’s indoor garden.

Finding all kinds of animals in the plant pots 🪴

From the bygone times .”

The Teds thought that nothing could equal the delight of meeting Ross, Dorienne’s Parrot, but they had more delights to come.

Dorienne had an Indoor Garden Room in which not only plants, but tiny critters and shells also dwelt. They spent a morning, meeting those interesting critters and telling them all about life at the Crystal Palace Pads. The Critters were really friendly and loved meeting and chatting with the Teds. Giraffe even gave a ride to Jet Ted!

The Teds went from potted plant to potted plant, encountering new faces along the way. Sky Ted had a long conversation with a bear who showed him a Sea Urchin Carapace and explained how it had become the way it was …. Sky listened intently. He thought that the bear was beautiful and so clever too. :-)

They chatted for a long time, whilst Jet and Billy sat quietly looking around the fabulous indoor garden. There was even an indoor pool in the room, as well as pictures on the walls, and of course, the lovely plants, even a tree, sheltering in the cool, away from the ravages of any extreme heat or wet outside.

Eventually Jet and Billy wanted to move on and so Sky reluctantly said goodbye to his new, Bear friend, jumped down, and joined the other Teds by some large shells grouped at the pool side.

Jet Ted, who knew a bit about such things, told them that the shells were very old and were now fossils from long ago.

They spent a long time looking around the wonderful room and so it was, that when Maria came to find them to take them to the market

“This morning ,

Going out to the farmers market,

In hope garden

Only Sky was ready to come with us .”

she could locate only Sky, who was up on the first pot again, chatting with his new bear friend.

Thus, lucky little Sky Ted was whisked off to the Farmers’ Market in Hope Garden, with Maria and Dorienne. He had a wonderful time investigating the beautiful Bougainvillea shrubs under the avenues of Palm Trees there. They were different shades of reds and deep pink …

… and this one was his favourite. :-)

Do you remember the beautiful tree under which Maria and Dorienne were posing … the one with the blue blossoms? Maria looked it up on Google and she found some information about it. It is called a Lignum Vitae tree and it is a native of Jamaica, thriving in the hot, wet climate there and around the rest of the West Indies.

In the evening, Sky Ted popped into the Garden Room to tell his new Bear Friend about his market visit, and then the three C.P.P.Ted friends said goodbye to the Garden Room and its occupants, and after a tasty supper, crept into their bag and slept soundly; Sky dreaming of bears and Bougainvillea bushes!

Anne, 11.03.2022.

Thank you once again, to Maria and Bobs (& Google) for the picturesJ


Quiz questions:-

1:- What colour are the Lignum Vitae Tree Blossoms?

2:- Who became a special new friend of Sky Ted?


In 2017, Aaron Ted went to Jamaica with Maria and Bobs and that year, at Dorienne’s house, was a glorious, yellow Poui Tree, which was not flowering when they went this year.

Aaron Ted loved the yellow Poui Tree.

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