• AliCat posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Evening all, I have been AWOL again….. sorry :disappointed:
    Hope everyone is good and well, its been rather hot and miss this end, especially with the veg growing

    • Hallo Alison :high-five: You and the whole UK I reckon…what a strange year of seasonal surprises! I have come to the conclusion there is no longer a norm in veg growing … it’s down to individual skills and some luck :good: :-) :rose:

    • :high-five: Alison, yep hit and miss here in Norfolk too, potatoes did well, along with beetroot,parsnips, chard and the courgettes, onions :bad: along with the carrots. But the bees did well,16lb of honey :good: there’s always next year :-)

    • Hello Ali :-) good to see you :good: