• Morning all, frosty start, with a beautiful Sunrise, which means trouble, but it was beautiful to see. Very busy, so just popping in to say have a lovely Day, got to make a Cake for my Brother, and forgot to soak the fruit in Brandy, so better get plumping, still got Cards to write, and bits and pieces to wrap. bbl have a very good Day, Tina x

  • Morning all, lovely here, just as well, as having to turn off heating, as it is irritating my Throat. Found an old packet of Soothers at the back of a Draw, and they have helped a lot. Sorry, cannot stop and chat, have a good Day all. Tina x bb later

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    You are an Inspiration, Sheila.x

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    Lovely Doggie! :good:

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    Thanks Walt, enjoyed hearing the Beachboys, I foolishly gave my old Player to a Friend who had a Son going into Rehab, and was going to buy myself a new One, anyway, but have never got round to it, but must do that now. Then can play my Records. A blooming awful Cough has been developing through the Day, will turn off the Heating tonight, and…[Read more]

    • The beach boys, or should I say those that are left played Scarborough open air theatre earlier this year Tina.

    • My sons bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago a lovely neat record player, and must admit it was lovely to hear some of my old LP’s, even bought a couple of 78’s from a charity shop, hope that cough disappears, don’t think heating helps much especially during the night :-)

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    Sure is ! :lol:

  • Morning all, sunny here, makes you feel better. On the last lot of addressing, and packing, and might make a start on some baking, have been going to Bed early the past two Nights, this Xmas business sure takes it out of you. Have a good Day all. x Nothing to do with Xmas, but if there is any room on your List, Walt, could you sneak in the…[Read more]

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    Ha Ha ! that’s what we are all doing, come to that not even sure what Iam doing. :lol:

    • It’s like a Dr Seuss rhyme, Tina :lol: I will be baking a cranberry glazed ham and making some gingerbread then baking soda bread and brownies tomorrow morning. It’s all go at this time of year, isn’t it 🎄

  • Morning all, like Night actually, so dark and wet. Got a Chicken Carcass on to make a nice Pot of Soup. and then want to make a Gingerbread. Still got Cards to address, but most Presents wrapped, except a couple for the Tinies, that are getting ferried down South before Christmas. Have as good a Day as you can, all. Tina x

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    Just taking a quick break, finished my last Xmas Orders, but got to start addressing Envelopes. Everything in an icy grip here. Have a good Day all. Tina x

    • gertie replied 1 week ago

      Hallo Tina :high-five: bravo on the CC’s. still doing mine :-) Managed to get some stamps from the Tesco corner shop down the road though :good: HAGA :rose:

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    Just enjoyed Greensleeves, Thank you Walt. You forget how beautiful a Song it is, wonder if Henry 8 th, did write it.

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    Or even the Balls ! :lol:

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    Morning all ! a lovely Morning here, heavy frost early on, but that has thawed now, and Sunshine is pouring through the Windows. Will be addressing Cards, and marking them off the list, never knew I had so many Relatives, we are like the Tribe of Israel ! Just watched a couple of Crows , trying to get the Fat Balls, luckily they were full, but…[Read more]

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    Morning Clickers, no Snow here, a lovely sunny Morning, but cold and windy. My Sister, had a lucky Escape, driving in the Country, the Sun was right in her Eyes, she sneezed, and went into a Lamp Post, she was not driving fast, being a Lady of mature years, so escaped with severe bruising. Have my Appointment at the Heart Clinic, for the 16…[Read more]

    • Morning Tina :-) goodness me, that was a close call for your sister! Hope you have a good day yourself!

      • What happened to your sister sounds like my worst nightmare – and something that could quite easily happen to anyone. She must have got a terrible shock, but luckily not too much damage done. Fingers crossed for you in January – but meanwhile, bet you are busy cooking treats for Christmas. Keep cosy, Tina.

    • Grief Tina, how awful for her, but a lucky escape indeed. These appointments are never what we want, but better done than not. ;-) Have a good day.

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    Morning all, am dashing in, and dashing out. Going to collect all bits and pieces of Fish from the Freezer, and make into Fish Cakes, while it is defrosting will get a Lemming Drizzle Cake in the Oven, and boil the Tatties, so am away to make a start. miserable Day here, hope it is better where you are. Have a good Day all, Tina x

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    Grandsons, are great for cuddling, Lynn, mine is now six Foot, and cuddles me ! :lol:

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    Have a big box of brand new Jars waiting to be filled, an empty Jar is an Invitation to me, but this year have lost those weeks when I was ill.

    • morning jane. weather permitting, i will finally get to donna nook tomorrow morning. we are going on to market rasen races so hoping the gales and rain has passed through by then.

      • Hi Jane and all… you mention it I have a load in my shed that I have done nothing with this year….will keep though just in case :good: ..Hope your day is Yang to the yin yesterday…xx

      • Hi Len :-) so glad you’re going to get to see the seals :good: Hope you take your camera and can post some pics :good:

        • dont even have a camera jane. only got an old phone so cant even use one of them. one of the old brigade i’m afraid. not many of us left. :lol:

    • Tina :-) if you were closer, I’d gladly give you mine!
      Sue :-) a lot more yang, thanks :good:

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    Morning all, lovely here, am just going to sit at my Work Table, oops, that was before Son number two appeared. Am now all behind like Brown’s Cows, though twas nice to see him..Brother just came so have to go. luv Tx

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    Ihave One every Saturday. Yum ! :lol: :good:

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    Did enjoy it Jane, living on the Coast, we get lovely Fish, I eat a lot of it.

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