• Good Morning Clickers, looks lovely from my Window, but step outside, and that Wind will cut you in half! Sorry have not been on, but Gertie rattled my Cage, so will try to do better. Have lots of Seeds through, in fact there are Pots and Seeds everywhere. Being Disabled, it is very difficult to manage, a whole new Ball Game. Am having to think…[Read more]

    • Great to see you back on Tina, we were just concerned for you, honest. ;-) It can’t be easy for you and pillocks asking stupid questions doesn’t help. :lol: Think I’d be giving the hoovering a massive body swerve, if I were you, good grief girl you have the perfect excuse! ;-) Take care of yourself, and stay safe. :clover: :rose:

    • Brilliant to hear from you, Tina and all you’ve been up to! Take care, forget the hoovering and enjoy your seeds and seedlings. Jane x

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Just a wee Note to let you know am here.Am in lockdown, so feeling it hard, as not really able. Am going to try and do some sort of Housework, today. bought a new Squeezie Mop, hope I can get it out of it’s wrappings to start with. As have to hold on to my Walker with One Hand, should be hugely entertaining, will let you know how it goes. Put in…[Read more]

    • Great stuff Tina…go it gal with the mop….and good luck with the unwrapping!! I too have some old seeds and am going to plant as many as I can and see what comes up :lol: Have a successful day :love: :rose:

    • hope you get into your mop, but its not just big things – at what point in our life did the ability to remove plastic wrapping become impossible, is it me have I lost the ability or what?

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    Morning all, lovely Sunny Day here, and am going to take a chance, and spend a wee while surveying my mess of a Garden, from my Chair in a sunny Spot. Have to be careful, as this Chest Infection, is not quite cleared, blooming nuisance. Don’t need to make Soup, as made it yesterday. Am going to pot up my Broad Beans today, and still not got my…[Read more]

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning all, made part of my List out yesterday, twas a lovely bright Day, so sat at the Window, but second Son arrived, so was thrown off course, but will finish it today. Only thing is, you are having to buy three of the Items, so am pondering over that, as do not want three of everything, but have ordered my old Favourites, and long and short…[Read more]

  • Afternoon, Clickers, the usual Weather here, no wonder the Ancients referred to this Month as, February fill Dyke, but must admit, this is filling more Dykes than usual! Asked Son, if he would put me up a Greenhouse, and said he would, he finishes his working Life on the last Day of March, so just fits in nicely.
    Thinking of putting in some Dwarf…[Read more]

    • Hallo Tina … so pleased that you will get your greenhouse … great :-) :good: A happy retirement in store for second son with the delights of gardening perhaps? Downstairs have a warm air pipe playing across part of GG and the Spurges loves it :-) Bon appetit :rose:

      • Hello Tina. It is lovely having you back and great news on the greenhouse :good: :good: My herbs grow through the winter too. Enjoy that dinner :-)

    • Hello Tina :-) good for the herbs :good: If they find a good spot, you know it :-)

  • Going to ask second Son, when he comes today, whether he would put a lean to Greenhouse up against the Shed for me. Have had dunnamany Greenhouses of different Sizes, but the high Winds here, make me a nervous wreck. Gave my big Greenhouse to my Daughter, on the understanding that she would grow Tomatoes, and Cucumbers for me. It was a poor…[Read more]

  • Morning all, and thank you for all your good Wishes. x
    Not so bad here, the Wind has lessened a bit, and it is fairly bright, and cold. I live at the Top of a Hill, so it is always windy here, anyway.

    • Good morning Tina, glad you haven’t been blown off course. It seemed much worse, from the news, further north. Stay warm and HAGD :rose:

  • Afternoon all! just popping in to see how things are going, Gertie, gave my Bars a Rattle, a couple of Weeks ago, but since then, have had non positional Vertigo, a posh Name for feeling you are on a Ship in rough Seas, it comes and goes. But am 90 this Year, so expect you have to put up with these things. Just going to have a look at my…[Read more]

  • Hello fellow Members, sorry not been on, and will try to do better, but must explain, that I only have the use of one Arm.As am typing this, have to support my right Arm with my left, as have no Bone in my right Arm. Went through a flare up of Arthritas, in my Neck, so just could not make it worse by typing. Am having other Health problems as…[Read more]

    • Hallo Tina … well done on the typing :good: The Fuchsias are very happy with this strange weather :good: HAGD :love: :rose:

    • Morning Tina :-) So sorry to hear you’ve been suffering somewhat – we all miss you :rose: Good to know you have a bit of colour still in your garden. Take care and it will be lovely to see you back when you can make it :rose:

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Always lurking in the background, ane. x

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Always lurking in the background, ane. x

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    No, Anne, but involves a lot of chopping, which is very time consuming. x

  • Morning all, bit of a grey Day, but warm, have no Intention, of doing anything outside, as have chopped down as much dead Foliage as I can, allowing the Flowers that are left, a better chance. Asked second Son, if Weather permits, would he give the Garden, a final tidy up, next Weekend. Planning to pave over more next Year, and stand Pots on,…[Read more]

    • Sounds like a plan Tina :good: Pots , big ones mainly, are very popular in the Gardening programmes as they are versatile and can be moved around, both for the plants’ benefits and for visual effect. :good: HALSunday :good: :love: :rose:

    • Hello Tina:-) From your click it sounds like you’re doing well with what you’ve been growing this year really but pots are more straightforward and you can change the look of an area just by moving them around. Cherry and coconut sounds good :good:

  • Morning Clickers, lovely Morning here, better make the most of it, as think it is downhill all the way, after today. Just got one more lot of Chutney to make, then that is me finished for the Year. It has to be Green Tomato, does it not, and although I love eating it, can’t face starting on the big Bowl full that I have. Made Chilli, Garlic,…[Read more]

  • Morning all, just a wee catch up, it is a lovely Day, so want to get outside as soon as possible, not to do anything oyful, tidying up for Winter, so much to be chopped down, and Binned, we have had so much Rain this year everything is overgrown, so it will be chop, chop, chop, today. Decided to pave over the bit next to the Maple Tree, as it’s…[Read more]

    • I feel for you Tina :eyeroll: Am currently in the process of doing similar things in GG … when I can get out there that is.
      Good luck with it all :good: :rose:

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 7 months ago

    Morning all, sunny here, but very windy, knocking all my Pots over, no point in righting them, they will ust get blown over again. Made Chutney, yesterday, and got lots more to make, but the Backbone of my Chutney, is my Apples, which because of the Weather, are late this year. Starting to get Plums, never made Plum Chutney, but think it could…[Read more]

    • Good morning Tina :high-five:
      Am well impressed with your garden, which seems to flourish despite the vagaries of the Scottish weather … bravo :good: :-)
      Have a lovely day :rose:

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Am mostly Vegetarian, Anne, today, am making Chilli non Carne, leave out the Meat Content, no one will notice.x

  • Morning Clickers, what a miserable Morning it is, and last Night, was Gale force Winds, and Rain.. Got to make Rock Cakes, as promised eldest Son, his Favourite as a Boy, and he still goes daft for them. Picked the last of the Broad Beans, yesterday, these are things you cannot buy in the Shops, those , not worth eating, big leathery excuses…[Read more]

    • God morning Tina :high-five: It’s a marvel to me that you manage to grow anything with such inclement weather! It points to a doughty character on your part :good: HAGD :rose:

    • Evening Tina, I quite agree with you on the B. Beans I love them home grown but wouldn’t touch them from a shop. :bad: Hope you had a good day and enjoyed your son’s visit. :good:

    • Hello Tina :-) I’m the same about shop tomatoes! Lovely to hear from you and I hope your weather improves today :-)

  • Morning Clickers, please forgive me for not posting, but to let you understand, I have no use in my right Arm, but I do in my Hand, so have to hold my right Arm, with my left to write. Sometimes, am in too much pain to do this, my right Arm, is also beginning to suffer, because it has been doing the work of two for years. In short, I will be…[Read more]

    • I understand your pain Tina, and marvel that you can actually persevere and do so much despite it :love: :good: It’s great to hear how well the garden crops are producing for ou, despite the ravages of Scottish weather you have endured too…pretty much miraculous I’d say. HALD crafting :good: :love: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) It’s always good to hear from you whenever you can make it :rose: Glad you’ve got some produce coming :good: Have a lovely weekend!

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 8 months ago

    Morning Clickers, it is raining here, and we did need it after the few hot Days, amazing how you get used to having nice Weather, then, out of the Blue, literally, Buckets of the wet Stuff. Been very pleased with the results from the veggie Garden this Year, eating more than usual, especially Broad Beans, and my Stomach is protesting… Lost…[Read more]

    • Good morning :good: :cool: Tina HAGD.

    • Good day Tina … and bravo :lol: Despite the difficult weather you have managed the crops well … am impressed :good:
      HAGD :good: :rose:

    • Morning Tina :-) you sound very chirpy and that’s surely because of the nice weather you’ve had and the way it’s made your garden grow :notacloudinsight: You can always send some of your rain to me! Have a lovely Sunday :-)

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