• Morning all, from a miserable Fife, very muggy again, strange Weather, but we have had plenty of that. Trying to nab someone to dig up my Dahlias, they have given a lovely Show this year, don’t want to lose them to the first Frost. Still got Cauliflowers, cut and come again Spinich, and Courgettes. Lots of Jam to make, when I feel up to it,…[Read more]

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    Yes, Soup’s always good, Jane x

  • Morning all from a very wet, warm, and miserable Fife. peculiar how warm it is, certainly not helping my breather, we could do with a bit of Frost now. Not doing very much, clearing up my Craft Desk, trying to teach myself to be a better Colourist, not sure if that is a word, playing with the Idea of making Soup, but seems a bit warm for it.…[Read more]

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    Morning Friends, would like to say it has been plain Sailing, but it has not. Doctor , has put me on another Tablet, as the Waferin was making me ill. Only been on it two Days, so hope it works. Thank you for all your kind Messages. Dahlias, are still making a nice Show, but will have to get them up before the first Frost. Friend, coming…[Read more]

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    Morning all, sorry not to have been on for a while, but have been through the Wars. Had the Doc in for something else, and he took my Pulse, and sent me straight to Hospital. My Ticker was playing the Military Tatoo, good Job it was’ent the Last Post ! So, Efforts to improve things have been underway, and the Tablets am on are also having a not…[Read more]

    • Lovely to have you back here Tina … good luck with it all :love: … sometimes it’s just plain hard work to keep fit :-( :lol: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) really hope your health improves and we can see more of you :rose: Take care :-)

    • We have been wondering, Tina – and I’m so glad your problem has been dealt with, and you are back. Must say I like to think about you over in Fife, battling away with the weather, baking and cooking, and making cards. You feel like an actual neighbour – and a heck of a lot more interesting and energetic than my real one. Keep well and look…[Read more]

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    Morning all, beautiful Day here, makes everything better. To everyone going on their Hols, and everyone already on them, have a fabulous time. x Feeling better, today, Meds kicking in. but will be a lazy Day, got my Tuesday Friend coming, so will be writing Letters for her to post. Have a good Day all. Tina x

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    Morning all, sorry not been on, but have been having a few Health Problems, with my Ticker, Doctor, has now got me on a new Tablet that hopefully will do the Trick, but getting it into my System is taking a while, it feels as if I am in a permanent Fog, and just want to give in, and Sleep most of the time. Be back, when I am feeling more up to it.…[Read more]

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    Morning all, could not post yesterday, as had a mad rush to the Hospital for an ECG. Sil, could only get an Hour off, so it was like a Scene from a silent Movie, rushing me in my Wheelchair to the Hospital, then trying to find the correct Room, we have all been there. So waiting to hear from the Surgery, this Morning. Did very little, yesterday,…[Read more]

    • Hope they have rung and sorted it tina….. :good:

    • Get crafty and enjoy Tina. I popped into Hobby Shop this morning and it is awash with pretty things for you-know-when … at a price ;-) :rose:

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    Morning all, a bright start here, but that could change in the Wink of an Eye. Have to go for another ECG, as Pulse erratic, coupled with the dreadful Hay Fever I am having, not feeling so bright. Am wondering if there is any connection with the amount of Flowers that I have grown really close to the House, this Year, it is possible, as when I…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina :high-five: It’s sad when the flowers make you feel crook isn’t it. :disappointed: Touch wood when I was tested for hay fever years ago, it was found to be grass, not trees and no mention of flower pollen either, and mine has diminished over the years …. mind you I ‘m prescribed to take Loratadine regularly so I guess that helps! Good…[Read more]

    • Hope you can get sorted, Tina :rose:

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    Morning all, been raining heavily overnight, but is lovely and sunny now, if a tad cool, a true Autumn Day. Need the Doc to come out and have a look at my Leg, which is more swollen than usual. Then going to pick every Green Tomato I can find, the Outside Ones, as my thinking is, if we get a Spell of really bad Weather, I might lose them, and…[Read more]

    • Ah, we crossed :-) … Have you posted a recipe for your green tomato chutney Tina I wonder … shall take a look … Ciao for now :rose:

      • I cannot see one, so in the time-honoured tradition of give work to someone who is busy so that it gets done, please would you Tina? :lol: :rose:

        • Hi Tina…Hope you leg improves :rose:

          • cilla replied 1 month ago

            Hi Tina, hope the doctor ison time. We can book online for ours which is useful. I am going to pick my toms too and ripen them inside.

    • Hope all gone well today, Tina :-)

  • Morning Folks ! from a raw and cold Fife, Winter is a cumin in ! Don’t really think anyone would write a Song about. Took my Eye off the Ball for a Minute, yesterday, and my Chutney, caught, so had to tip it out, and wash the Pressure Cooker, an old One Ikeep for the Job, could not face starting over, so my first Task this Morning is to WATCH…[Read more]

  • Morning all, got Great Grandson, Riley, visiting today, not seen him since last Year, he is now Two, and into everything, going to have to put my Craft Stuff away. Have bought him a Floor Puzzle, and just noticed it says Three Years plus, oh well, he is bound to be a bright Boy ! I hope. Need to tidy up so am gone as of now. Have a good Day, all. Tina x

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    Welcome Home, Anne. x Am Paranoid about switching Lights out, because that is the way I was brought up. Bet, that Display, added a pretty Penny to your Bill, but nice Welcome, anyway. x

    • Absolutely Tina … on both counts :lol: :good: Good morning and have a lovely day with Riley … what a super name … shall add to my list of good names for you-know-who ;-) :rose:

  • Morning all, from a very Grey, and unpleasantly close, Fife, very muggy indeed. Got to finish Chutney, then have more Produce waiting to be dealt with. As I have to keep stirring every so often, am going to be baking, a Loaf, and a few Sponge Drops. Better make a start. Have a good Day Folks. Tina x

  • Not a bad Morning , but it changes so quickly, anyway, dry at the Moment, and have no Intention of going Outside Today, unless to pick a few Beans for Dinner. Want a Craft Day, will not get it, I know, as it is a prime Day for visiting, but can make a start. Was very disappointed with my ‘Tumbler’, Tomatoes, a good Crop, despite the Weather, but…[Read more]

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    What I would do Bean, is mix a few Red Tomatoes in, bit of Tumaric, maybe?

  • Morning all, it is lovely here, but am up to my Neck in making Chutney, freezing Rhubarb, and all things pertaining to not wasting any Produce, so am in and out again. Have a lovely Day, whatever you are getting up to. bbl Tina x

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    Am I the only Person in the World who does not mind Spiders? and all this mass hysteria, they are harmless, unless you count the native Species of Foreign Climes. Have had Carers, who would not cross the Threshold till I got rid of the Spider! :lol:

  • Morning all, just popping in to say ‘Hallo’. then must get into that Hole in the Wall that passes for my Kitchen, and start chopping. Every Veggie under the Sun, must be waiting to be made either into Cordial, Chutney, or Pickles. The Fruit is in the Freezer, to be made into Jam later. Just got a Phone Call from a Friend, to say they are coming…[Read more]

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    I will put it in Baking, Sheila, but it is only an ordinary Scone Dough, rolled thin, then you just put your Topping on, like the usual Pizza, and bake. x Easy peasy, and tasty, too. x

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