• Sorry, Carer came in, and I lost the Thread, anyway, lots of small Jobs to do, and hope I can factor in a making Marmalade Session. Have a good and productive Day all. Tina x

  • Morning all, lovely Day here, so as soon as I can, must get outside, where there are still Jobs to be done. Want to poke left over Bulbs in, anywhere I can, rather than waste them, and forgot to give the Rhubarb a Feed. Will take some cut Apples out too, as Ladybirds live on the Nectar , for Ages, and under my Apple Trees, next to the Garden Shed

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning all, from lovely sunny Fife, unfortunately, it is very cold as well, so not putting my Nose outside. Got far too much to do inside, anyway, a Xmas Decoration for the Table. Promised my Daughter I would make one for her Clients to copy, as She works with the Disabled. It is a Blue Peter Snowman, ” get down, Shep!”, about that Era, and…[Read more]

  • Morning all, very cold here, but dry at the Moment. We had a decent Day yesterday, so got most of the Bulbs in. This Morning, Daughter is giving me a Shower, as She is a big Girl, and I am small, but well upholstered, it’s like being grabbed ” come here, you dirty little Devil!” She is lovely, really. Got Groceries coming between 11 am and 12,…[Read more]

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    thanks for the Comments, Ladies, all I can say, is I have survived!

  • Morning all, sorry once again that have not been on. I woke up yesterday to a defrosted Freezer. Now am not really able, but tried to save a few things, by chucking all the ‘Odds, and Ends’, out of the Fridge Freezer, but my Fruit, all except the Gooseberries, strangly, which was still firm, were defrosted, so have spent Hours making Mixed Fruit…[Read more]

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    Morning all, just popping in to say’Good Morning!’, busy, as usual, with six Letters to write, Son, coming this Morning, then a Friend, I have to have, this Afternoon. Beacause next Week, seems the last good Week weare going to have, have earmarked Tuesday, to get my Bulbs in, seems the best Day. I have to keep out of strong Winds, because they…[Read more]

    • :lol: Good morning Tina :high-five: Bravo and good luck with the day!
      When the ‘phone rings a lot here, I tend to end up answering, ‘Hallo, Clapham station here…can I help you?’ :rose:

    • Whenever I’m feeling lazy Tina – I only have to read a post from you to feel deeply ashamed – you always make every moment count.

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Morning all, sorry, have not been on, but with Visitors, and Jam, and Chutney making, have not had a Minute, this Morning, am making the last Tomatoes into Chutney, and the last Cucumbers into, well, spiced Cucumber Slices. Oh, am also making Bread, have Bread Flour to use up, am always afraid of getting wee Beasties in it if left too long. So…[Read more]

    • You have a happy day too Tina ….. Sounds as though you had aa busy but productive weekend :good:
      Am intrigued by the ‘ spiced Cucumber Slices.’ ? :-) :rose:

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning all, am in a sorry State, my Nose , and Eyes constantly running, and my Head full of Cotton Wool, this Hay Fever business, is getting me down. Forgot to say my Eyes are just Slits, this seems to be the worst Time for me, when so many different Spores are floating around. Hoped to get Outside, but there is a bitter Wind, so back to Jam…[Read more]

    • Right try again … Good morning Tina. I am sad to hear about your horrid hay fever…Mine seems to respond well to regular intake of Loratadine, but my daughter has had it bad this year, and son too , at times. I di feel for you.
      On a brighter note, there are some lucky pigs and horses around this year being given extra apples by you and Eric :-)…[Read more]

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    Afternoon all, been a miserable Day, thus far, very damp and close, so not good for my Arthritas, not good for doing much, except sitting on my Chair, either in the Living Room, or Kitchen. By doing the latter, have made Apple and Raspberry Pie Filling, and Soup for the Freezer, so has not been a wasted Day, but have copped out of making a Meal,…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina :-) it’s dry here but grey and a bit cold indoors actually. Which spring bulbs did you decide on?

  • Morning all, having trouble with Site again, not any good with Computers, being self taught, but my Friend who usually fixes things for me, will have a look at things, meanwhile, if I have not answered you, I will, given time, or, amend that to help. Lovely Morning here, but bet it is cold outside. Still got outside Cucumbers, but the quality is…[Read more]

    • Good afters Tina :-) That’s a timely reminder re: spring flowers tubs, I’ll do some tomorrow. I like the sound of your choice, very fresh colours :good: I quite like tête-à-tête daffs as they don’t get blown over by the March winds! :good:

    • Hello Tina :-) I agree with Hayley about the little tête-à-tête daffs – don’t have to worry about the leaves dying onto the grass either!

  • @NorthernTeacher Received the Seeds Jane, for which I thank you very much. Tina x

  • Morning all, sorry, have not been on, but am up to my Neck in Jam, and Chutney making. My Plum Tree, that has produced very little over the last couple of Years, has gone mad this Year, due in part I suspect, to the mad Axeman, alias Son number two, indicriminately lopping off Branches, a couple of Years ago. Have given loads away, and there…[Read more]

  • Morning all, miserable here, even though it was forecast, you still hope they have got it wrong, ‘they’, being the Weather Forecasters, of course. Want to make a Fruit Cake, for the Week ahead, and Apple Crumbles for the Freezer. Also got to try and rescue the Apricot Jam, I realizes I had burnt the Bottom of trying to do other Things as well,…[Read more]

    • Good luck with the apricot jam, Tina, but I imagine it will have that burnt sugar taste all through it – such a shame. It’s raining here too, but I think it’s supposed to clear here to the east (you) later. I will try to be as productive today as you always are – but it’s hard keeping up with you sometimes…..

      • Hi Tina, just been to the plot for veg roast pork dinner, no rain here yet, expected around twelve. :dunno:

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    More a Sauce, like Ketchup, that I wanted Karen, but the other sounds delicious, might give it a try. x

  • Morning all, just wanted to say ‘hallo’, but have no time to stay. Have a good Day all. Tina x

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Thank you, Karen, will have a look. x

  • Morning all, not been on the last couple of Days, as no Internet, or very intermittent. Just went to clock in yesterday, and off it went again. Not much to report, raining, and extreamly miserable. Going to make some Raisin Cookies, as have nothing in Tin, then head down, with my Card Orders, Xmas is loser than we think! Have a good Day all, Tina x

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    Have taken Note, Bean, love lots of Tomatoes, can never have too many, am going to try making a Tomato Sauce, Heinz, is getting too expensive.

  • Ambersparkle posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Not a spare Inch of Space, Anne, Raspberries all along the Fence. x

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