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    One of my Rose Bushes, a Floribunda, think it is ‘ True Friendship’, is still flowering, lovely SApricot Buds on it now. what I am worried about, is, will it have any Strength to bloom in Spring, or will it be spent.

  • Morning all, bit dreich here, but then it is that time of Year. Have started my Spring Cleaning, that is not your real physical Effort, but turning out my Craft Draws, and Cupboards. have two full Xmas Bags, filled to the Brim with useful but not needed by me, Stuff, will give it to my Friend, and she can go through it, and pass on what She does…[Read more]

    • Morning Tina :-) lovely to see you clicking again. All the best for 2019!

    • Hi Tina .. lovely to ‘see’ you :good: I d\re not start on mine … I’ll never finish :lol: :bad:
      As for flowers … they are all at sixes and sevens this year in GG too! :rose:

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    Miss you, Dear Friend, and we have been, for many Years. Sending lots of Love, and best Wishes for a speedy recovery. love Tina x :rose:

  • Belated Xmas Greetings, Gand, hope you are still full of good Cheer, am full of something, but think it is Food. I prepared Dinner, but it was cooked for me, and much enjoyed with a Glass of Vino. Will be a very early Night for Moi, can’t cope with all this frantic jollity, and Food, must be getting old. Before I sign off, must tell you that…[Read more]

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    Morning all, miserable Day here, but then it always is, about now. Hope you are all organized for Christmas, am just about on Track. All Cards, and Presents posted, Xmas Cake made, but not yet Marzipaned and iced, as did not make a rich Cake, as old Stomach cannot deal with rich Cake, so just made my usual Fruit Recipe, making it a bit richer,…[Read more]

    • Hello Tina :-) lovely to see you on here :-) I hope you found some sage and managed to get your stuffing made. Have a lovely time next week :-)

  • Morning all, very cold and Dreich here, but nothing more than you expect, this time of year. Am not out at all, as Path too slippy for me, and Wheelie, but from my Kitchen Window, can still see some Roses blooming, in the Shelter of the House. Going to ask my Friend if she can have a look at my Computer when she comes Today, the way things are…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina … lovely to ‘see’ you albeit briefly … it’s cold, wet ‘n’ windy here in CP too, and I still have some flowers in GG despite it now being Winter! Am quite surprised that you have roses in the cold and wet of Scotland brilliant :good:
      Good luck with the puter set up!HAGD :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) I hope your friend can sort out your computer! Take care :rose:

  • Morning all, sorry not to have been on, but as I explained to Anne, things have been difficult for me lately. Will try to explain. You all know that I am disabled, but not the extent of them. Have no Elbow Bone in my right Arm, so when I Type, have to hold it with my Left Arm. The Thumb on my left Hand, has been very swollen and painful, due to…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina :high-five: lovely to ‘see’ you , and bravo on the typing :good:
      Hope the rest of the day goes well :love: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) A very long and interesting click despite your difficulties! Of course we understand and we know that you can’t always click :rose: An amazing day for you yesterday, then – I’m sure your brother can be very proud of his record. Tears are ok :love:

    • Good to have you back Tina, bravo on not giving in :rose: we all get times when we can’t or don’t want to click, for one reason or another, so you’re not alone. :rose:

    • You are a shining example to me of how to cope with the ageing process – and I’d miss your “never give in” attitude to just getting on with life, which is always obvious in your clicks – but even more so, now I know about your actual difficulty in clicking. Stay with us Tina – you’d be missed.

  • Morning all, a sunny, very cold Morning here, but it is lovely to see the Sun. I have a full Itininary , knew I could not spell it ! Today, as usual, got to make Bread, and possibly a Cake, as Brother usually descends at Weekends, and expects to be offered the finest Fare Chez Claydon, can produce. Not been on much lately, as now have Athritas…[Read more]

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning all, from sunny, but very cold Fife. The usual Monday Morning, plenty to do, so just popping in to say ‘hallo’ then out again. Am potting up the last Jar of Chutney, I hope, Today. The Freezer is full of Apples, and if anyone offers me, any more, I will stand and Scream! bbl, have a good Day all. Tina x

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    Morning all, lovely sunny Morning, but very cold, am waiting to see if anyone comes, as rang up Doctor’s this Morning, to be told that they were fully booked for Home Visits Today ! Told them Ithink my Leg is affected, because it is bleeding, puffy, and sore. They froze my Leg at the Hospital, I will not go there, but it is their Fault, am…[Read more]

    • Ouchouchouch! Tina, that does sound horrid for you … good luck with some treatment. It is more difficult to get things done NHS-wise these days unless you get yourself to A&E and even then it’s a long, long wait, often thro’ the night whilst the staff try to sort you out!
      I went for my flu jab this morning, 4th try, and still they have not s…[Read more]

    • It’s really important you somehow get attention for your leg, Tina – and heaven knows all the old-fashioned family doctors must be turning in their graves at the NHS’s present predicament. I haven’t visited my local surgery for more than a year, but I hear horror stories every week about the difficulty of getting appointments. Think the GPs are…[Read more]

  • Afternoon all, sorry not to have been on, but have had so many Visitors, and am still preserving, and Pickling, seems overwhelming lately. Have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Afternoon Tina, Great job on the preserving & pickling Tina. :good: Not to worry, I think we all have times like that when other things just take over. We’ll be here when you get time. :rose:

    • Hi Tina … you’ll have a super festive season with all those pickles and preserves :-) :good: :rose:

  • Sorry, Carer came in, and I lost the Thread, anyway, lots of small Jobs to do, and hope I can factor in a making Marmalade Session. Have a good and productive Day all. Tina x

  • Morning all, lovely Day here, so as soon as I can, must get outside, where there are still Jobs to be done. Want to poke left over Bulbs in, anywhere I can, rather than waste them, and forgot to give the Rhubarb a Feed. Will take some cut Apples out too, as Ladybirds live on the Nectar , for Ages, and under my Apple Trees, next to the Garden Shed

  • Morning all, from lovely sunny Fife, unfortunately, it is very cold as well, so not putting my Nose outside. Got far too much to do inside, anyway, a Xmas Decoration for the Table. Promised my Daughter I would make one for her Clients to copy, as She works with the Disabled. It is a Blue Peter Snowman, ” get down, Shep!”, about that Era, and…[Read more]

  • Morning all, very cold here, but dry at the Moment. We had a decent Day yesterday, so got most of the Bulbs in. This Morning, Daughter is giving me a Shower, as She is a big Girl, and I am small, but well upholstered, it’s like being grabbed ” come here, you dirty little Devil!” She is lovely, really. Got Groceries coming between 11 am and 12,…[Read more]

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    thanks for the Comments, Ladies, all I can say, is I have survived!

  • Morning all, sorry once again that have not been on. I woke up yesterday to a defrosted Freezer. Now am not really able, but tried to save a few things, by chucking all the ‘Odds, and Ends’, out of the Fridge Freezer, but my Fruit, all except the Gooseberries, strangly, which was still firm, were defrosted, so have spent Hours making Mixed Fruit…[Read more]

  • Ambersparkle posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning all, just popping in to say’Good Morning!’, busy, as usual, with six Letters to write, Son, coming this Morning, then a Friend, I have to have, this Afternoon. Beacause next Week, seems the last good Week weare going to have, have earmarked Tuesday, to get my Bulbs in, seems the best Day. I have to keep out of strong Winds, because they…[Read more]

    • :lol: Good morning Tina :high-five: Bravo and good luck with the day!
      When the ‘phone rings a lot here, I tend to end up answering, ‘Hallo, Clapham station here…can I help you?’ :rose:

    • Whenever I’m feeling lazy Tina – I only have to read a post from you to feel deeply ashamed – you always make every moment count.

  • Morning all, sorry, have not been on, but with Visitors, and Jam, and Chutney making, have not had a Minute, this Morning, am making the last Tomatoes into Chutney, and the last Cucumbers into, well, spiced Cucumber Slices. Oh, am also making Bread, have Bread Flour to use up, am always afraid of getting wee Beasties in it if left too long. So…[Read more]

    • You have a happy day too Tina ….. Sounds as though you had aa busy but productive weekend :good:
      Am intrigued by the ‘ spiced Cucumber Slices.’ ? :-) :rose:

  • Morning all, am in a sorry State, my Nose , and Eyes constantly running, and my Head full of Cotton Wool, this Hay Fever business, is getting me down. Forgot to say my Eyes are just Slits, this seems to be the worst Time for me, when so many different Spores are floating around. Hoped to get Outside, but there is a bitter Wind, so back to Jam…[Read more]

    • Right try again … Good morning Tina. I am sad to hear about your horrid hay fever…Mine seems to respond well to regular intake of Loratadine, but my daughter has had it bad this year, and son too , at times. I di feel for you.
      On a brighter note, there are some lucky pigs and horses around this year being given extra apples by you and Eric :-)…[Read more]

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