• Ambersparkle posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Well, that was a Slap in the Face with a wet Cod, my Appointment had been cancelled, and a Letter sent out to me, needless to say I did not receive it. Nor did the Postie have One Today. My next Appointment, is 18th February, but think they are hoping I will drop off the Perch, before they have to fit me in. As Consolation, Daughter took me to Asda, where I bought lots of things I really don’t need. Got a nice cooked Chicken for Dinner, and going to make some small Syrup Sponges in the Microwave, feel like a sweet blowout, and they are my favourite, together with every Pudding in the World. Then have got to be good, and into healthy eating, I have lost weight since I was ill, but want to support my Daughter, who is starting a Diet. So am cutting out Rubbish. Better get my Sponges done. Have a good rest of Day Folks. x