• Ambersparkle posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, have some awful News to report, it could all have been so different, very lucky escape my Son and his Wife had in the early Hours of the Morning. Kate, was restless and could not Sleep, or she woke up, not sure which, but anyway, got up as she could smell Smoke, and wondered where it was coming from , and looked out of the Window. It was coming from the Top of the House, it was on Fire. They got out as quickly as they could, but will not get back in for six Months, so much Damage to the Roof, it was caused by an electrical Fault. Feeling so lucky! Am baking Bread again today, am sick of what passes for Bread in the Shops now, the last Loaf I had was not even cooked properly. Better get on with Things, have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Good morning Tina ….. golly, what a shock, and a lucky escape :rose: I hope the rest of your day is better … take care and best wishes to your ‘children’ :love: :rose:

    • Goodness me Tina, that was lucky, I hope they get it all sorted soon and have somewhere comfortable to stay in the meantime? :rose:

    • So sorry to read this, Tina but very glad to hear they’re ok in themselves. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted as soon as possible!