• Ambersparkle posted an update 4 months ago

    Morning all, not a nice Day here, a heavy Haar is still with us, but it is mild. Expecting Sons over Today with Offerings that will fund my Spring buying , rusted Tools need to be replaced, and Plants bought. A new Heuchera, is top of the List, I lost my ‘Marmalade’, last Year, they are generally so hardy, and had had it for years, it was the Mother Plant of many Friend’s now fine Heucheras, could ask one of them for a cutting I suppose, but will buy a new One. We are having a Chinese Takeaway for Dinner, my choice, so nothing to do there. Have a lovely Day, all. Tina x

    • :high-five: Bon appetit Chinese-style Tina :good: HALA :rose:

    • You have brought your children up with all the right attitudes, Tina – and it’s only right that you reap what you have sown. I wandered round a garden centre with two of mine yesterday making private mental notes about what I would return for later. If I’d try to buy them, I would probably have been asked, “Are you sure you need these”? and “Where will you put them?” I’ll shoehorn them in somehow.

      • Thank you Bean. x I did have to bring four Children up by myself. The way I worked it was, ‘we have a Problem, what should WE do. Iived in a middle Flat, talk about a frustrated Gardener, I dug up half the Washing Green, grew Lettuce on the Windowsill etc. We survived, none of them have taken Money off the State, and three have their own Homes.

        • That’s what I call a success story, Tina. I like your approach, “we have a problem, what can we do?” – it teaches pulling together and self-reliance – which is a lesson they obviously learned well. You did a good job, and I hope you feel proud of it.