• Ambersparkle posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hot, hot, hot ! have the Fan on full blast, but does not seem to do much. Have my Buddist Friend, coming today, do not have to feed her, thank goodness, not that I begrudge her a Mouthful, it’s just the Effort involved. Went out early this Morning to water, must give the Roses extra. Am so thrilled that my Cucumber’ Marketmore’, is growing great Guns, it would never have happened in a normal Scottish Summer. Did manage to grow a couple, last Summer, but they were not big. Never grown this Variety before, bought three on Ebay, for Peanuts. Got Groceries coming, with plenty of Ice Cream, and Cream Soda, never lost my taste for it. Definitely not having Salad again for Dinner, just about ‘put off’ for Life. Am always talking about Food, that’s because I like it, but do not, at my Age, eat a lot of it. Hoping the Packet of Wild Flower Seeds have taken this Year, tried other Years, but the only one that has flowered this Year, is the White Daisy, can’t Spell Michlemas, I told you! But, it has been sensational, and is still blooming. Better go and do some Work. have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Hi Tina…yes hot hot again….we should make the most of it :good:

    • Hope you are having a peaceful day Tina :rose:
      …and you too Susie :good: :rose:
      I am about to go and do something in GG, tidying for starters I expect. Have been writing about Hampton Court again, it was so lovely but there’s so much of it :lol: Don’t want bore the pants off those who haven’t been … My head is still filled with the colours as I sit here by the window, where the scent of Privet blossoms floats in as I write :-)
      HALAboth :rose: :love: :rose:

    • Hope you’ve had a good day, Tina :-)