• Ambersparkle posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Belated Greetings Clickers, had to go Outside earlier on, watered mine, and Neighbour’s Garden, as She is not well, could be the Heat, but She is Ninety, three Years older than me! The Birds are having a Field Day with my Raspberries, so knew I could not put off picking them, as I made my way to them, Mrs Blackbird, popped One in her Mouth, in front of my Eyes. Picked all that appeared to be ready, and sat on my Chair. Mrs Blackbird, was still hovering, so threw her a Strawberry, and She had it in her Beak in no Time, this continued, with Raspberries as well, could have gone on, but needed the remainder for Jam, but do feel we have a special Relationship now! Everybody have been sampling my Strawberry, ‘Mara Du Bois’, and all have voted it the best Strawberry ever, it has been very prolific this Year, but never going to have enough for Jam. Doctor, came yesterday, and is sending me to the Hospital, to the Skin Man, to see if he knows what the Lesion on my Leg is, meanwhile, just keeping it undressed. Have my Friend coming, so must make her a Sandwich, and have the little Cakes Imade yesterday to Butter ice, am doing Butterscotch.sorry, about that ! Yum ! Have a good what’s left of the Day all. Tina. Hope all is okay with you, Anne x

    • Afternoon Tina :-) you’re much too generous to the birds :lol: Hope your leg can be sorted when you go to the hospital. HAGE

    • It’s lovely when your bird friends are friendly … whatever the reason :good: :-)
      Yes, I’m fine thank you Tina … after a tired and lazy morning had a good afternoon gardening, then son [who once worked as a chef and really knows his onions] helped me to cook supper well and we all three watched France beat Belgium in the first semi-final … a good match :good:
      Good luck with the ‘Skin Man’ at the hospital :love: :rose: