• Ambersparkle posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, very close here, and Sky looking ominous. But keep reminding myself the Farmers need it, but would like a wee break to do a bit of weeding, as they grow faster than Flowers, and it is annoying me no end. Also, I an was coming up to cut the Grass for me, no point if it rains. Daughter says the ‘Boys’, Father and Son, are coming up to do what you need doing, usually means she wants them out from under her Feet for a couple of Hours. Had a couple of Tatties out of my Grow Bag, yesterday, and they were delicious, I know new Tatties are always good, but these were Mega. Can’t remember what I planted, but they have a thin Red Skin. Got to make a start, have a good Day all, Tina x