• Ambersparkle posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, Grey but very close, however, not much to do Outside this Time of Year, except dead Head, and watch out for Beasties of various kinds. Ian, cleared my small Pond yesterday, really went down on Hands and Knees, I was sitting watching him, nothing new there then ! when this strange Beastie, about double the size of a Thumbnail, came up with the Silt in his Hands, and scuttled away, really fast, to find Shelter. It seemed to be like an Aquatic Beetle of some sort, but definitely a Water Creature, Love to sit and watch the Pond. Anyway, must go, as have Jam to Lable, and ‘ Bread and Butter Pickle to make, been brining all the surplus Cucumbers, to this end, nothing wasted here! Have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Hope yo are enjoying being in the pickle Tina :-) HALD :rose:

    • You put me to shame, Tina. I can feel my motivation draining away, and I don’t like it. Going to give marrows, beans and turnips to Centrestage who provide community meals from a bus .