• Ambersparkle posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, miserable here, light Rain, and Grey, very Grey. Have my Tuesday Friend coming, so am making a Crustless Quiche for Lunch, as have a load of Eggs, so also going to boil some, and do a Jar of pickled Eggs, as have Vinegar mix left over from the Bread and Butter Pickle, that I made yesterday. My Visitor, yesterday, was presented with a Jar of Jam of her choice, and she said she wished she could make Jam, to which Sillywacks replied, “I’ll teach you!”, so next Week in my tiny Galley Kitchen, two Disabled People, will be , one imparting Knowledge, and one , hopefully imbibing it, Jamming. I really feel lucky that my Mother gave me the Skills that I have, everything I learned from Her, and She never stopped ! I know am going off the Track here, but as soon as I could hold a Pair of Needles, I was Knitting. Does anyone remember the big Brown Jars of salted Beans, everyone had in their Pantry, a Layer of Beans, a Layer of Salt, and when you came to use them, no matter how much you rinsed them, they were still Salty! Happy Days ! Better stop reminiscing, and get B-m into Gear. Have a good Day all. Tina x