• Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Morning Karen, if you are still around.!
    Cold here, very, am so tired of this Weather, dragging on, if I was able, would not be so bad, but am, as well as being slow, on Blood thinners. Got to stop moaning, it never does any good.
    No baking today, as have a Commission for a Christening Card, so can go to Town with the Lace etc, I do not like plain Cards. Ideas please, I have a Baby’s Bath, that I would like to use in some way, in the Garden, thought, Water, but already have a small Pond, and a Water Feature, Mini Rock Garden, got one of those, too. Don’t actually need to do anything with it, Daughter says donate to a Charity Shop. Cannot get any help from the Family, this year, used to get help from one Member,, he still cuts the Grass, but he had a Heart Attack last year, so can’t expect him to do it. Anyway, will manage, always do in the end. Have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Hallo Tina, It must be so frustrating for you … am so sorry. Thank goodness you have the artistic urge and ability to carry on making your pretty greeting cards …. have fun with that lace :good:
      I am growing a shrub in one old bath, which is useful as I plan to move its location to make way for another arch base.
      I don’t know [of course] how frail your brother is after the heart attack, but I wonder if he would like to help a little. Sometimes the right treatment hopefully gives folks back their life-styles even after heart attacks, thanks to our diligent NHS workers :good: You will prevail, and I will keep :fingers-crossed: for more warmth and :notacloudinsight: for us all :lol: :love: :clover: :rose:

    • Hope your card making has gone well today, Tina :-)

      • Hi tina and gertie, expect everyone is sick of the weather.. :-(

      • No Jane, my eldest Son came, but should be grateful that I have a Family that visits. He also relieved me off, six new laid Eggs, a pot of Jam, and an Apple Crumble .lol

      • Never got round to it, Jane, but I must, as it is a Christening Card, for an adopted Baby, named Belle, pretty Name.

    • Sorry I missed you Tina, like you I’m really fed up with this weather, but hopefully it is on the turn from this weekend. :good: What about a mini bog garden for the bath? They don’t need much maintenance and you can get some lovely flowering plants.