• Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning Clickers, the Sun is shining, so as soon as the Carer has been, and have my Shoes and Socks on, will be outside like a Whippet, well, a sort of fat Whippet, no such thing, oh here we go, a strong Thread of the peculiar, if we want to be kind, runs through this Family.!
    Still not made Card, but it turned nice in the Afternoon, yesterday, so was outside, but boy did I pay for it, had to have a Brandy, dreadful stuff.
    Going to plant six healthy Lavender Plugs, three in each Tub, the smell off even these tiny Plants is incredible. Youngest Son, wants to record my Life on Tape, don’t mind doing Childhood, and through the War, but that stops at nineteen, when I joined up. Not on, will write the rest! Too embarrassing. Anyway, have not forgotten about writing expurgated bits, but I was rather fun loving. Would you believe, and this is true, that a Sheik, brought me back from a Holiday in Lebanon, a Crocodile Skin Shoes, and Handbag. Tell you the whole Story Tomorrow . have a good Day all. T x

    • Oh Tina :lol: I look forward enormously to that … and without ‘a strong Thread of the peculiar’ where would many of us be, well me for a start. :lol: I have been trying, in vain , to remember a plant name this morning and was coming close to thinking it might be Hemlock after all … oooeeer! … when I found Sweet Cicely which rings faint bells in my memory , and I think it’s that one!
      Anyway, good luck with getting outside … I have to as well, dull though it is here, and stay off the brandy! … I agree with you … horrible stuff … give me a whisky any day :good: :lol: enjoy today :rose:

    • Hope you got out, Tina! Looking forward to your story :-)

    • Tubs replied 1 month ago

      lavender just what I need for pot at front door had not thought of it before, got one in the back to transfer. Will stay there all winter.