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    Sorry, not been on Folks, but the better Weather, has meant that I have been out in the Garden,and that means pretty much all Day. As I promised will tell you about some, but not all!, of my Antics in Iraq.
    I was stationed in Iraq, in the middle of the Desert, on the Shores of Lake Habbaniya, a good defensive position.
    The Land on which the Camp was built, belonged to the Sheik of Ramadi. Because he owned the Land, he was an honorary Member of the Yacht Club, that Iwas also a member of, spelt sorry, forget how u spell it. Me in my Shorts, etc. He used to come about every Month, and he was a very nice Man, past middle Age, but not old. He used to put on a spread, or the Chef did, about once a Month.
    He would always pat the Seat next to him, for me to sit beside him, he just liked me, perhaps it was just a Novelty, but think he was genuinely fond of me. Anyway, he was going down to Lebanon, and asked me, what I would like brought back. I said “nothing!”, if it had got to the Ears of anyone, I would have been flown back home before I could zip up my Bag! Because he persisted, and I did not want to be rude, I said a Handbag, would be nice, so he brought me back Crocodile Skin Shoes, and a Handbag, end of Story, but plenty more left for another Time, :lol: