• Ambersparkle posted an update 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    Belated Greeting all, it is wet here, and likely to be so for a while. Wanted to go out and drool over my Blue Poppy, but just as I opened the Door, down came the Rain. Sorry, do not remember who sent me Poppy Seeds, last Year, but think it was Jane, might have been Jenn, anyway, started them off, and four have come up, never seen such tiny Mites, have got them on a sunny Windowsill, where I can monitor their Progress, and see that they do not dry out. Lost all my Peas, wondered why they had not come up, but saw the Trail of the slimy Blighters, too late to save Peas, they must have been eating them before I even noticed they were through. This Rain, is a bummer, know we need it, but have so much to do in the Garden. Have been naughty again, have a long history of that, bought six Fuchsia Plugs, do not know where they will go, but just love them, only went online to replace’Celia Smedley’, she did not overwinter, which surprised me, and I miss her, have a vacant Space, waiting for her, so still got to buy her! Better away, and make a Cuppa, take a couple of Pills, always helps. Bye the noo. Tina x