• Ambersparkle posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Morning all, just a quick pop in, hoping for a decent Day, so can get Outside. not been one in Weeks. It is basically dull, but the Sun, keeps giving a quick flash here and there. Not been able to visit the bottom of the Garden , for Days, too frightened of slipping on the wet Surface. Why is Monday, such a busy Day, I suppose, we put off things on Sunday, as it used to be a Day of Rest, when you had a big Roast Dinner, and an equally enormous Tea, so that everyone could not move, they were so bloated, except the One who had to do the Dishes, me. Forgot, about Sunday School, or Church, or both. For Sundays, we had special Clothes that were almost as holy as Sunday. Sunday Outfits, were a Sight to behold, Black Melton Coats, with Hats with Brims, Silk Socks, you felt so ‘posh’, leaving for Church, there is such a sweet Nostalgia about that bygone Age, now, it’s rush out Shopping, everything is go go go! Sorry, I always get carried away. Do remember being sent to get Watercress, from the Stream, and very lovely it was. Am going to make a start, think I will put on ‘The Beachboys’, to give me a lift, always works. Have a good Day all. love Tina x

    • I am still monitoring your stories Tina :good: HAGD and I hope that you reach the bottom of the garden today…sun is trying to show here too and sky is bluer now :good: :rose: