• Ambersparkle posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, grey and warm, here Sun trying to come through, my Friends, down South need Rain, we need Sun. My Strawberries are the worst ever, small, miss shapen, and worst of all, am sure one lot has the dreaded Vine Weevil, as the Leaves have collapsed, which is usually a very good Sign. No Cucumbers, lost loads, but the Courgettes, seem to be doing okay. The Strawberries are tasteless, as well they may be, as they have had no Sun. Cut some up to make a Coulis, as that was all they were good for, and even after adding Sugar, there was still no lovely Strawberry Taste. . Gooseberries, were the smallest ever, but at least have some frozen for Winter Puddings.
    Got to make some Pineapple Cookies today, as Grand Daughter, is coming tomorrow, and she loves them. Sorry to dash. Have a good Day all. Tina x

    • Hail and farewell Tina … glad you are okay even tho’ your weather is obviously worse than ours! it’s a silly year methinks.HAGD tomorrow with granddaughter :-) :rose:

      • All went well, Anne, we had not had contact for a while, now she is coming every Week.x

        • Oh that’s lovely Tina :-) … I love seeing the Grandchildren as well :good: Shall see two of them next week when they are en route to see their cousins in S.France. They’ll stop off at the Pres. on their way, driving down south with Their Mum :good:
          Hope you don’t get the rain which we need down south now methinks; swap you for our sunshine :lol:
          Have a lovely weekend Tina xx :rose: