• Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month ago

    Morning Clickers, please forgive me for not posting, but to let you understand, I have no use in my right Arm, but I do in my Hand, so have to hold my right Arm, with my left to write. Sometimes, am in too much pain to do this, my right Arm, is also beginning to suffer, because it has been doing the work of two for years. In short, I will be online when I can, and as long as I can. Glad have explained that to you, so will be on when I can. x Pulled my last Carrots, and they are Beauties, and had my first Cucumber, yesterday, something I never thought would happen, and Tomatoes coming on, had a few small Yellow Ones, and SHIRLEY is producing plenty of Toms, as usual, Green as yet, but even if they do not ripen outside, they will inside, or maybe a bit of Green Chutney this year. Think it is sitting at my Craft Table, today, bye the noo, Tina x

    • I understand your pain Tina, and marvel that you can actually persevere and do so much despite it :love: :good: It’s great to hear how well the garden crops are producing for ou, despite the ravages of Scottish weather you have endured too…pretty much miraculous I’d say. HALD crafting :good: :love: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) It’s always good to hear from you whenever you can make it :rose: Glad you’ve got some produce coming :good: Have a lovely weekend!