• Ambersparkle posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Morning Clickers, what a miserable Morning it is, and last Night, was Gale force Winds, and Rain.. Got to make Rock Cakes, as promised eldest Son, his Favourite as a Boy, and he still goes daft for them. Picked the last of the Broad Beans, yesterday, these are things you cannot buy in the Shops, those , not worth eating, big leathery excuses for Beans, so have frozen them to enoy at a later Date. Despite the Weather, have had good Crops of Red Onions, and Carrots, not bad Raspberry Haul, but poor Strawberry Crop. Have had two or three nice Cucumbers, only the small Ones, and have some nice ‘Shirley’ Tomatoes, colouring up, if we get a bit of Sun this Weekend. Dead heading is the main thing at the moment, ust to keep the Floral Display going a bit longer. Better make a start, have a nice Day everyone. love Tina x

    • God morning Tina :high-five: It’s a marvel to me that you manage to grow anything with such inclement weather! It points to a doughty character on your part :good: HAGD :rose:

    • Evening Tina, I quite agree with you on the B. Beans I love them home grown but wouldn’t touch them from a shop. :bad: Hope you had a good day and enjoyed your son’s visit. :good:

    • Hello Tina :-) I’m the same about shop tomatoes! Lovely to hear from you and I hope your weather improves today :-)