• Ambersparkle posted an update 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Hello fellow Members, sorry not been on, and will try to do better, but must explain, that I only have the use of one Arm.As am typing this, have to support my right Arm with my left, as have no Bone in my right Arm. Went through a flare up of Arthritas, in my Neck, so just could not make it worse by typing. Am having other Health problems as well, but keeping upbeat. My Garden is littered with Leaves, but my Fuchsias, are still providing a nice splash of colour. Have a good Day, will try to pop in when I can. love Tina x

    • Hallo Tina … well done on the typing :good: The Fuchsias are very happy with this strange weather :good: HAGD :love: :rose:

    • Morning Tina :-) So sorry to hear you’ve been suffering somewhat – we all miss you :rose: Good to know you have a bit of colour still in your garden. Take care and it will be lovely to see you back when you can make it :rose: