• Ambersparkle posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Morning all, much better today, both Sun and Rain forecast, but at the moment it is just pleasant . Was Outside for the first time yesterday, since I came out of Hospital, boy, has it knocked my confidence! My Tomatoes have not been looked after as they would have been by me, nobodys fault, if you don’t live in the House, you can’t keep on top of the Weather, and open Tomato Houses when they need it. So cut no end of dead Tops away, a couple of Branches, and a lot of Leaves, will have another look today, see if more butchery is needed. Made my Jam, and am pleased with it, this time of year, and with all the rain we have had, it is hard to get a decent Set. I hate Pectin, and will not use it, and normally would have the setting Agent from the Peel, and Cores of Bramley Apples, saved in the Freezer, but you cannot get Bramley Apples for love nor money up here this year, does anyone know why? So longshot, took a Golden Delicious, chopped small, added Water and simmered till softish, would not go really soft, then put through a wire Sieve. Added what I got to the Strawberries, only had two pound anyway, and got a nice soft Set, stays on the Bread. Carer, will be here shortly, so must make a move, have a good Day, love Tina x

    • You’ve been a busy bee, as for the set as you say as long as it stays on the bread and tastes delicious that’s all that really matters, don’t understand why you can’t get hold of bramley apples, hopefully someone may have the answer :confused:
      Have a good day anyway :-)