• Ambersparkle posted an update 7 months ago

    Morning All, seems like a better Day, but have been kidded before, but have Plans for Outside, and Inside, so see what happens. Need to pick Apples, in case we get a spell of bad Weather. Have put it off, as had a very good Year, and even after sharing them, storage will be a Problem. Friend, is bringing me Bramleys on Friday, get them every Year, too good an offer to refuse. Freezer, is full of Fruit, and will have to clear it before the stocking of Xmas Goodies. Picked the last of the Peas yesterday, but still have Beans, late planted Beetroot, and Carrots. Wondering about trying to grow Lettuce over Winter on the Kitchen Windowsill, it can be done, because when I lived in Germany, a Neighbour, did just that. One difference though, his were growing over a Radiator, mine will be in an unheated Kitchen, my Kitchen is a small Galley Type, so I never need to heat it, as Oven is very rarely off. Has gone dull now, my Hopes are dashed, but have to finish Chutney, and feel like making Biscuits, so better make a start. Have a good Day all. Love Tina x

    • Your kitchen is a veritable haven of delights by the sound of it Tina :-) Have a good day, and be safe :good: :love: :rose:
        • Hi Tina. Can I come and live you please…..all those goodies sound wonderful :-) I grow Merveille de Quatre Saisons lettuce and they survived outside all winter last year so I expect you could grow them inside. Salad leaves, mizuma and rocket for some bite would probably grow inside as well. It would be fun trying.
            • Lettuce will grow outside in Winter, Cilla, never heard of the Lettuce you grow, what type are they.?
                • They are a hearting lettuce, a lovely green tinged with red. I tend to just pull off a few leaves for a salad as there are only two of us.