• Ambersparkle posted an update 6 months ago

    Morning all, sorry not been on, but have nothing much to write about, so will only be popping in every Week or so now. Am not allowed Visitors, the Weather is not decent enough for me to go out into the Garden, therefore, nothing to write about. Add to that it is difficult to write, as have to use my left Arm to hold my right Hand to type. Am not leaving you, just doing the best that I can. have a good Day. love Tina x

    • Hi Tina … Have an inkling of how you feel, as have been isolating for the past six months. It must be soo frustrating not being able to easily type … I feel for you. It’s lovely to ‘see’ you when you manage it though …. roll on the Spring, and meanwhile indoor plants :good: :love: :rose:
        • Yes, was thinking about a couple of Plants, Anne, have a Ficus Elastica, lost most of it’s Leaves during it’s Spell in the Garden, but coming back now.
            • Hallo Tina :-) I am nurturing pots’npots of [so called] Polka Dot plants … a tradescantia. I bought a trio of colours 6 months ago in a pot, really pretty, and they went all wild and windy, so I have cut off the winding tendrils and re-potted the cuttings and they have ALL grown :excruciating: In these times of non-contact and isolation, I have been able to give away only three pots so far! Still, can one have too many plants?? :lol: Have a lovely day and stay safe :clover: :rose:
          • Lovely to hear from you whenever you can manage Tina. Dreadfully frustrating for you not being able to get out to the garden, especially at the minute when you have to isolate. Take care of yourself and stay safe. :rose: :clover:
            • Always good of you to pop in and say hello, Tina! Take care :-)
              • Hi Tina, sorry your struggling, have you possibly got voice activated words on your computer? My phone has this, it’s useful for sending texts when you can’t use your hands? I hope you can have visitors soon 🥀🥀🥀