• Beanstew posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    For first time ever I clicked on My Favourites (to see what was in there) – and had great difficulty getting out of it again, and back to Clicks. Only solved by logging off, and logging in again. Has anybody else experienced this?

    • Just tried it …i clicked on all members once i had gone to My Fav and then refreshed the screen by clicking on the Clicks tab. I found by just clicking on the clicks tab it just refreshed the My Fav page i was on.
      Any help Sheila :-)

    • yes had that happen :scratch: , as simon said you have to click on to —- ALL MEMBERS —- to get back out of your favourites

    • Spot on Simon and Lizzy, the row of tabs near the top of the clicks page act as a filter on the list of clicks, so that you can find things more easily. By default it shows “all members” so that you see everything. But if you select, “My friends” then it will only show you clicks that from your list of friends. So you need to remember to go back to “All Members”. You shouldn’t need to refresh the page though that may depend on your browser and settings.

      Does that help?

      • Just repeating, “Go back to All Members” twenty times. Another thing I have noticed when logged out, is that I can’t have a glance at Clicks to see what is going on in passing, without logging on.

      • The same thing has happened to me, when I went to mentions.

        • Ummmm, If you can’t get back to “All members” clicks, would you let me know what browser this is happening on please? I’ll try and replicate to see what is going on. :yes: