• Beanstew posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I was wondering if anyone living in the vicinity of Birmingham, could suggest what sort of weather we are likely to encounter on Thursday at the NEC? I plan to travel light, don’t want to bother with a raincoat if I don’t need to – and any advice on this gratefully received. It will be really terrific to see everyone again, and also to visit a show – not long now!

    • I have checked with the Met Office…the forecast for next thursday is cloudy with sunny intervals, 10% chance of rain.

    • Can’t you get One of those Lightweight Rain Thingies that you can roll up Bean, better be prepared, you know what the British Weather is like !x

    • Have been watching how it might shape up over the last wee while Sheila, as I always stick to “hand” luggage only when possible, saves beggaring about waiting for luggage. As Walt says, it’s looking pretty good, and is due to be pleasantly warm, so even if there is a light shower, it shouldn’t last. :good: