• Beanstew posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Feeling pretty sorry for the American people while Fate does it’s damndest to convince Trump and other climate change deniers that they might be wrong, by chucking hurricanes, floods, and forest fires at them ad nauseam. Here in Scotland it’s as wet as usual this morning. Today I will be working at the Foodbank this morning, and off to hang blinds at the renovation site this afternoon and tomorrow (it beats all that sanding, caulking, filling, and painting into a cocked hat.) THE END IS NIGH!

    • Good morning Bean. Not more rain? :-( We have been extremely lucky here for our break. Ladylike words just can’t describe Trump so I will keep mum or I shall be thrown off site. ;-) Toenails and final touches to the Grand Designs showhouse sounds like another fulfilling day…..we shall be expecting photos of the finished product :-) Will you get to see the wee one this weekend?

      • Good morning Cilla – had a visit from the wee one yesterday, which was as usual highly energetic and amusing – so don’t really expect to see him this weekend. Will definitely get photographs of the finished house with daughter’s camera. Do you remember the picture of the children perched at their father’s knee, asking, “What did you do in the Great war, Daddy?” That house is my equivalent – although paltry in comparison. Your break sounds wonderful so far – it’s really happy that you and OH’s interests coincide so completely and you share so much.

    • Morning Bean & Cilla, I’ve stopped looking at what trump is up too, like Cilla my words would be very unladylike.
      You deserve a well earned rest or holiday, payed for by your family after all this hard work. Or at the very least a treat day-of some sort. HAGD :rose: sorry about the rain :-(

      • Will mention this idea of yours to daughter, Lynn. Personally I think it’s nearly as good as my own bright idea to invite my brother, sister and their families to meet the infant and his mother at the renovation site this month (because it’s much more central for everyone). It’s the equivalent of putting a bomb under daughter – and it’s working!

    • Morning Sheila :-) that was highly cunning of you and I approve!! I’d be surprised if you can’t hear me continually swearing about the politics happening on both sides of the Atlantic and all the people suffering because of short-sighted governments… Enjoy your day!